When you want to make a getaway, there is nothing worse than being locked up, busy or with excuses stuck in your mouth that do not allow us to make that trip that we hope to do so much.

And, although it sounds a bit impossible, if it is possible to cope with the desire to travel without leaving home. So we have created a list of ideas that will help you a lot those days when you do not stop looking at travel photographs.

So pay attention and put into practice what we will teach you below:


Anticipate an adventure

Planning the next trip without leaving home can be as intense as visiting the destination itself.

And, although at that precise moment it is not possible to set specific dates, you can start by drawing the ideal itinerary, with the activities and destinations that you want.


Update your travel wish list

If you want to see the world and do things in life, it is a good idea to write everything down on a list of places you want to travel and activities you want to try.


Travel with the mind

There are adventure books, travel guides, music, movies and even international TV channels that can help us for this. Or travel on your stomach cooking a foreign recipe at home. In other words, mind travel can be just as rewarding as physical travel.


Learn something new

It is a good idea to try to learn some of the language of the next destination you want to travel to; or join online classes to learn something new. Art is a good example.

Creating art also forces us to see the world from a different perspective. And that is precisely what we should experience on a good trip.


Dare to experience other ways of traveling, this time with the mind and not with the body.