Although it is both exciting and intimidating, you will never get a second chance to sightsee and explore a new city for the first time.

Whether you’re spending an afternoon in the city or spending a month, our tips for having a great time wandering around will help you.


Say yes to tourist attractions

If you are visiting a city for the first time, you should definitely see all the sights and pose in front of them.


get on the bus

Buses are a great way to get acquainted with a city: tour buses give you a good overview of the city center.


Plan, but also let yourself go

Some people follow a strict schedule, others go with the flow. As always, it’s probably about striking a healthy balance.


Talk to the locals

Asking the locals is the best way to find hidden gems and explore new areas.



Listen, smell and look, up and around you. Sit back, rest, drink many coffees in many different coffee shops, and maybe even get a little lost on purpose.



No matter how you explore the new city, you have to know which neighborhoods to avoid. Stay safe and find out before you go, a travel guide or information provided by friends are good starting points. Respect local rules and customs, and always behave as if your mother is watching you.