Traveling is one of the most valuable pleasures in life. Be it a getaway, a trek or any adventure, it is essential to document it so that in addition to being saved in your mind as a great experience, there is physical and digital evidence of your visit to that sensational destination.

The way to do it is personal and it can be a blog, a record of the places we go through, or whatever each one prefers. Let each decide their own.


-Write: Become a writer. Acquire a notebook, a travel diary, one different from the one you usually use, just to make notes about your activity. Make it small, simple, easy to carry and handle.


-Talk to the locals: Although it is sometimes difficult for the traveler, there is no better travel experience than meeting a local who shows you much more about the visited destination.


-Photography: No matter where you go or what camera you use, it is in your hands to capture your experience, your moment, and take advantage of or create photographic opportunities.