Although luck and being at the right time in the right place play a fundamental role in finding a good flight deal, we can follow a few tricks that help:


-Use a good flight search engine: Google Flights, Matrix itasoftware, Kayak, Trabber, Kiwi (the old Skypicker), Momondo… there are hundreds!

-There are studies that ensure that the best prices are obtained an average of about 7 weeks in advance (although this varies a lot) and better if you reserve a day at the beginning of the week (avoid weekends). What is clear is that, the more in advance, as a general rule, the better.

-To find interesting offers, don’t focus on a specific date, try flexible dates.

-You can also reverse the direction: search from the destination airport to «anywhere» to see which routes are cheaper, and check if there are also offers the other way around.

-Finally, there are websites specialized in finding authentic bargains, we follow them on their Facebook profiles so as not to miss an offer. Some of them are: Guialowcost, Mejorvuelo or Fly4free.