Do you want to know how you can live traveling?

If when you leave your comfort zone, you realize that there is a huge world waiting to be explored, but your savings are no longer there, do not worry! You have come to the right place, since here we are going to talk about it.


To teach languages

The great advantage is that you can exchange knowledge and generate income by giving classes to the locals of the countries you visit. Teaching Spanish is another classic strategy to earn money while traveling the world.


get a summer job

A summer job abroad! And is that why look for it in your city, when you have the whole planet to choose from. You can start by contacting a family member or friends you have in another country to give you a hand.


Sell ​​services online

Currently there are platforms where you can offer all kinds of services, like Fiverr, for example. Tell jokes? Why not. Craft classes? Of course!.


Work as a freelance

Without office hours, or bosses, or ties, working as a freelance is also an effective way if you wonder how to live while traveling.


Become a digital nomad

Hand in hand with the above, you can completely digitize your services and take advantage of technology to work from wherever you want with a computer and internet connection.


Have a digital business

Here your creativity comes into play more than ever. Starting an online business is not easy, it requires dedication and effort, but once you stabilize, and thanks to the internet, you can maintain it from a computer and ensure your earnings while you explore the world.



Depending on your interests, you can work with minors teaching languages ​​and other knowledge; in ecological projects such as forest restoration in Australia; in indigenous communities or with vulnerable populations. There are many specialized NGOs in different areas. You just have to contact them and see how to participate.