The fear of the unknown is sometimes imposed as a limitation when traveling.

Africa is one of the continents that scares us the most when traveling. Above all, when black Africa has never been stepped on, we automatically tend to generalize it.

And this is due to the fear imposed on us by our limiting beliefs regarding this continent of great contrast.

It has to do with overcoming fears caused by, among other things, great cultural differences or visiting a place that is still developing.

But you dare to take the step… What you receive in return is what ends up falling in love with you and makes you want to repeat that experience.

In other words… Africa is amazing! but you don’t know until you dare to step on it.

That first trip to Africa will leave you with a great life lesson… You will learn that you have to leave behind all the prejudices instilled by the society in which we live and open up to its people, in order to understand a little more about the essence of life.

From this sum, you will meet an authentic continent, full of countless landscapes that will make all your journeys from north to south and from east to west magical… Desert areas, savannah areas, green regions, its more than 700 km of coast, European-style and avant-garde cities