Every project needs a starting point and it is necessary to mark this point very well because from there it is what will give you direction on what to do.

Think, how much money do you have saved? What things do you own? Do you have family? What job do you have? All these questions will give you an overview of the situation or, so to speak, «the complete picture», once you have this picture you will be able to determine what to do with each thing.

Follow the steps on this planning checklist:

-Route: The important thing to define in the route are countries, cities, times and type of transport between cities and countries. Lead time: 6 months.

-Visas: Since you know which places you will go, investigate what is needed to enter and its costs. Lead time: 2 months.

-Vaccines: To enter some countries it is necessary to have certain vaccines and some of these require multiple doses months apart, so once you define the route, research the vaccines and especially the time in advance with which you need to get it. Lead time: 6 months.

-Lodging: Almost at the end of your trip, choose the places where you will start staying, if you decide Couchsurfing, BeWelcomed or Trampolinn start sending your first requests. Lead time: 1 month.

-Backpack, electronics, clothes: It is not easy to decide to live with only what fits in a backpack, so it is necessary to make a detailed list of things to pack, including clothes and electronics. We recommend that you buy everything you decide to take a few months before leaving, especially in terms of electronics, try them and change them if necessary, it’s not nice that your new camera failed you in the middle of the trip. For the backpack, choose a good one (even if it means paying more). Lead time: 6 months.

-Finances: In a matter of finances, it is necessary that you determine how you will manage finances along the way. What debit and credit cards should you carry? Choose those that have internet banking or have the lowest ATM withdrawal fees abroad. If you are going to carry dollars in cash, start monitoring the exchange rate and start changing little by little when you consider it best. Lead time: 6 months

-Extras: This is the list of those small tasks that you will have to do a few months before your trip, among them are selling your things, buying plane tickets, reviewing the medical expenses insurance that you will take and buying the best , buy the things you need, start saying goodbye to everyone and throw a massive farewell party. Advance time 3 months until departure.