As has already been said, traveling to the African continent is not something that you decide from one moment to the next, especially if you are going as a tourist, but don’t worry, take a look at the following tips and everything will be easier:


Choose the destination in detail

Africa has endless destinations to offer you, take a look at its countries, customs and what it offers to tourists.


Medical recommendations

Once you choose the destination, verify its epidemiological protocol.


Plan the trip in advance

The details that could delay your trip the most are visa procedures and vaccinations, so if you have already decided to venture to Africa, the first thing you should do is go straight through your visa paperwork at the same time as you verify your Vaccination card so you can check which ones are needed for this trip.


Pack a moderate suitcase

In addition to your documentation, wear appropriate clothing for the time of year and the activities you have scheduled.


Get travel insurance

Check with an insurance company of your preference which one will be the most appropriate for you and yours.