For many, traveling to Africa sounds too remote, but if you are one of those who bet on «do it yourself» and trips that put you to the test, then Africa is for you.

However, to travel through the place of origin of man and civilization as a backpacker you will have to know the terrain a little before you go. Therefore, here at Only One we give you some tips that will help you.


Create a route

It is very difficult to get to know Africa in a few days, so design your route, adapting it to your available days. Click here to know 3 Backpacking Routes in Africa.

You can also know our tours.


Travel to safe places

Choose places that are safe in Africa for you. Contact the embassy of your country in your destination and find out.


Get travel insurance

An insurance that covers your health is essential to undertake this journey.


Post your budget

The budget you have available for the trip should cover the round trip, food, lodging and transportation. But, it is always recommended that you carry a little more in case of unexpected events, such as you get sick.


Choose the ideal backpack

Choosing the backpack is a matter that can take time if you are planning to carry a lot of luggage, with utensils for every occasion; But the trick to backpacking is to pack just what you need. So we recommend you read this article about the things we recommend you take in your luggage.

These must be comfortable, have a minimum capacity of 30 liters and a maximum of 50 liters, have a ventilation system (essential to avoid perspiration from the back), a rain cover, adjustment strings and several pockets.


Research the requirements and precautions for your destinations

What vaccines do you need? Is it mandatory that you have a visa? Will travel insurance be mandatory?


And finally, the golden rule, enjoy your experience 100%.

Backpacking is the best way to see the world, discover the value of life and grow on a personal level while you travel a path full of challenges and new experiences.