The best thing about good moments is to remember them and when you have children they are small

Therefore, today we want to share some tricks to take better photos while we are traveling or family vacations, take notes and take super special photos this summer. Immortalize the memories!


Less posed, more history

Don’t make your whole holiday album countless poses, it’s much simpler, take your children out making castles in the sand, eating ice cream, bathing in the pool, mom reading, dad preparing food … Surely during the holidays you do a lot of things that are worth photographing.


Capture the details

Photographing calm, transmitting vacation peace in images will result in some of the most special images.


Take advantage of natural light

Sunny days are an ideal condition to take pictures full of light or even abuse certain effects.


Sometimes we are satisfied with taking some selfies in any way, the question is that we appear in the photo to show that we have been there, but above all we enjoyed it.