This list of tips that will help you plan and carry out that solo trip in the best way.

– Bring a free mobile phone to which you can insert a local SIM card; This way you save money and you can always be connected.

– Scan your documents and send those images to yourself by mail. If you happen to lose any of them you can quickly make copies.

– Bring a padlock or security mesh for your backpack. A little extra security never hurts.

– Do not be afraid of fear, and do not be scared if you feel a little nervous. It is normal in a first experience when traveling alone.

– Look up the places you will go to on Google Maps before reaching your destination. It is an ideal tool to not get lost and to prevent some smartass taxi driver from wanting to give you a ride.

– Smile, be honest and talk with those who are occasional travel companions.

– Spend time in the common places where you stay. This way you can meet other travelers in your same condition and talk. Hostels facilitate this contact.

– Learn about dangerous or problematic places and avoid them. Also, do not arrive in an unknown place after dark.

– Carry your favorite music on an ipod or on your phone. If you use Spotify, download one of your lists in case you run out of coverage.

– Take out travel insurance.

– Learn some basic words if another language is spoken at your destination.