Heatstroke is when the body is unable to regulate body temperature, this can be due to extremely hot weather or strenuous physical activity, when you combine the two, such as walking around in the hot sun can be fatal, which is why it is necessary that you know you can do to avoid it:


-Walk during the morning or at night: Try to do your day during the first hours of the morning or already in the afternoon. That is, before 11 A.M. and after 5 P.M. Unfortunately this is not possible in many places because museums and tourist places open at 9 A.M. and they close at 5 P.M.

-Always try to walk in the shade: This would be easy if you didn’t have overwhelming humidity, but still, seek shade anywhere.

-Hydrate: You may not be thirsty but I assure you that you will be sweating as if you had just taken a bath, so drink a LOT of WATER throughout the day, do not try to avoid drinking water because you are worried that you will not find toilets, no you will need them, it is so much sweat that you will generate that your body will not be able to make you go to the bathroom.

-Wear loose clothing: Especially if you are a woman, I know that wearing tight clothing can be attractive, avoid it. Wear loose clothing, preferably cotton to better ventilate your body.

-Rest frequently: Even if you’re just walking and don’t feel tired, take frequent breaks in the shade or if possible in places with air conditioning. The more physical effort you do, even if it’s walking, your body will be unable to control the temperature and you will have heat stroke.


Don’t let something like the heat turn your trip into an unforgettable experience because of how bad you had it. This information can be vital for many people, so if you know someone who is about to travel to a place with extremely hot temperatures, share it.