Do you find yourself traveling with more than you want to take? How to Travel Light is your guide to going ultralight and not just choosing the right bag.

Travel light, be prepared for any situation, and pack everything you need and nothing you don’t with these tips for traveling light:


There are many advantages to traveling light. The ideal is to do it with a single suitcase that we can carry as a carry-on bag in the cabin of the plane.

The same applies to traveling by car, train or bus. The smaller the suitcase, the less inconvenience we will have. Apart from the extra weight that we will have to carry, it is safer, faster and cheaper.


Now yes, here we collect some tips that will help you to travel with little luggage. It is possible and we show it to you.


carry only one suitcase

Regardless of the duration or the type of trip, we assure you that you can live very well with what fits in a bag.


Make a list

Although it may sound old-fashioned, making a list of what to take on a trip is a great idea.


Pack the suitcase with time and conscientiously

We suggest that you pack your suitcase the day before the trip so that you can do it calmly and with time. Here we recommend that, with the list in hand, place the items you want to pack on the bed.


Be realistic

If the chosen destination is a Caribbean beach, it doesn’t make much sense to bring your warmest coat and winter clothes just in case.


Pack smart

Storing clothes and footwear in a practical way means that you are going to optimize the space of your suitcase to the maximum and without wasting an inch.