As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the desire to travel has increased and the travel industry has adapted rapidly to meet the demands of the new era of covid …

Of course, if you are going to make your first trip in a long time, things can be very different from what you were used to. It is no longer just about packing your bags and buying a plane ticket.

That is why at Only One we have prepared this list of trips in times of covid-19 with everything you must take into account before starting the trip.


Planning where to go

The doors to travel are being opened more and more all over the world, so it is super necessary to carefully check the entry restrictions to all the destinations you want to visit or transit, and keep checking them until the moment of travel and during the trip itself . Above all, check that the brand you received of the vaccine (and sometimes even the batch number) is accepted by the destination you have chosen. Remember that different regions may have different rules.

Before traveling it is important to consider if there is a high transmission of community contagion where you live or where you are going. If so, it is better to reschedule the trip.

Also, buy travel insurance.


Book your flights

Book flexible, refundable flights and accommodations whenever possible. It would also be good to check the website of the airline you plan to use to see what security measures they have in place at their terminals and planes.



Depending on where in Africa you want to go, check the travel requirements and download the applications that are necessary or recommended and load them with the relevant information. In addition, confirm well in advance what documentation you must present in the different sections of your trip and put them in your suitcase.

Take your sanitizing gel and disposable masks with you.


On board

Wear your mask at ALL times during the trip. Using it not only protects you from getting COVID-19, but it also prevents you from spreading the virus to others if you are infected and you do not know it.

Hand hygiene is always essential and its importance grows the more commonly used surfaces you touch. So keep them clean with gel or alcohol.


Avoid the “everything is a risk” mentality and use the time between the security review and the boarding of your flight to practically minimize the risks of your trip.