As you can imagine, there are different ways to get money for travel status, some of them being the least recommended due to the high commissions and the unfavorable exchange rate applied to the traveler.

  • Change in your own bank: this is the option that we used when we started to travel. We paid really abusive commissions and they also gave us a really unfavorable change. We stopped using it many years ago.
  • Change in an agency: this is another option to withdraw money when you are traveling. We also used it for several years, as we were unaware that there were better options. With this formula we used to also pay high commissions or in case the agency did not charge them, the change was so unfavorable that we ended up paying much more.
  • Debit cards from our Spanish bank: another way you can use to withdraw money while abroad. The problem is that these are not cards to travel abroad without commissions, so in the end, you end up with bad exchange and, on top of that, paying commissions from your bank and the destination bank.
  • Cards to travel without commissions 2022: this has been our latest discovery, which we have been using for several years and after experience, it is without any doubt, the best way to withdraw money abroad without commissions.
  • Currently there are different options, all with their pros and cons, which we will talk about below, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs or your trip.