Buying tickets, packing your bags, planning tours and then embarking on an adventure are activities enjoyed by almost everyone. And, unlike so many other things that provide pleasure, traveling is not only free of contraindications, but also has many and varied health benefits. This has been confirmed by various scientific studies, as summarized below.

Stress reduction seems to be the most obvious of the benefits of travel. Even if it is a short outing and to a destination not too far away, leaving behind the routine and frenetic pace of life in the city allows you to disconnect, leave your anxieties behind and enjoy the present. But beware: attitude is important, because there is also the so-called «vacation stress», a state of tension caused by the preparations for the trip, the insecurities and difficulties that this may bring, the feeling that there will not be enough time to do the destination all “what needs to be done”, etc.

Thus, the medicine can be worse than the disease. Many studies support these data, such as one carried out by researchers from Arizona, United States, according to whose conclusions women who take more vacations are less likely to be tense, tired or depressed and are even more satisfied in their marriage. In other words, they have a better quality of life.