When traveling to a place where we do not know how to speak the native language, we probably get a little nervous.

We probably come up with a lot of imaginary situations where we have to communicate, and even in our fantasies, we don’t know what to do.

So, we rely on one of our best allies in travel, technology. But, how useful are translators or tools to translate when traveling?

Technology is a tool and as such it will depend entirely on the user how useful it will be.

There are several applications to help you in the process, we personally recommend: Google Translate, with its function of translating images and texts in real time.

But the most important thing about searching for the best tool in times of communication emergencies is getting lost in the language, culture, making mistakes and above all learning about yourself and your communication skills.

So instead of limiting yourself from traveling because you don’t speak English or the language, go explore the world and learn to have conversations with strangers without saying a word.


Believe us when we tell you that being able to express your desires, emotions and feelings without the use of words is perhaps one of the most enriching things that a trip will leave you with.