«I haven’t decided on the specifics, but I want to go on a safari in Africa! Which country do you recommend? I often get inquiries. If you don’t have any particular wishes or if you don’t have an image of your trip, you will be lost. We will introduce the points that are useful in such a case, our popular tours, and the contents that receive many inquiries by country. The first is Kenya, the representative country of safari.


It is a popular country for a wide range of people, including honeymooners, graduation trips, family trips and trips with friends. Flights are generally via the Middle East using Emirates and Qatar Airways. Tickets are also relatively affordable, depending on the time of year. The duration of the trip will be the length of stay in the field + 2 days of travel. If you leave Japan at midnight, you can also arrive in Nairobi on the same day.

Kenya is a tourist powerhouse and is visited by many tourists from all over the world. The parks are well maintained and managed, and the quality of service is very high. If you stay at a standard lodge, you can travel on a relatively low budget compared to other countries.

Points for choosing a tour
For those who want to enjoy safari efficiently without taking a long vacation, who are not good at traveling for a long time, and who want to keep costs down by traveling alone, we recommend Kenya Express, which focuses on the Masai Mara National Reserve.


For those who want to take more than 10 days off and want to see various things while traveling by land, we recommend Amboseli, Naivasha, and Masai Mara, which include two consecutive nights in the Golden Triangle and three consecutive nights in Masai Mara. is.

For those who wish to travel in luxury, it is a good idea to choose accommodations such as Luxury Express, which has a high rank in the above tour contents, or a comfortable and luxurious trip like Sky Safari that travels between parks by Cessna plane. Is also recommended.

If your budget, travel days, or wishes do not apply to your existing tour, we will propose a customized trip, so please tell us your specific wishes for the trip you envision.

Time of travel
One of the most frequently asked questions is that Kenya can enjoy safari all year round, and each month has different merits.

July-October, the Christmas, New Year holidays and migration season, is the most expensive during the peak season. It is also a good time for the weather, and many tourists gather to see the wildebeest river crossing during the migration period.

April-June is the low season and there are few tourists, so you can enjoy safari at your own pace. At this time of year, luxury lodges, which are usually expensive, can be stayed at low season prices, so this is the place to go.

January-March and November-December are high seasons. Depending on the lodge, November may be a low-season rate, and it is a time when the number of tourists decreases, so we recommend this month.