Speaking of safari with a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere, «South Africa». Introducing the differences between safari and other countries and the points of travel.

South Africa
I get the impression that there are many group inquiries such as honeymoons, parent-child trips and trips with friends. Flights from Asia are generally via Emirates via Dubai and Singapore Airlines via Singapore and Johannesburg. Customers coming to South Africa often combine not only safari but also sightseeing in Cape Town and excursions to other countries.

Safari points
Speaking of safari in South Africa, «Kruger National Park» is the most famous. It is larger than Selengeti National Park in Tanzania and is adjacent to Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The big difference from the East African safari is that there are many private reserves in South Africa. Kruger National Park is adjacent to private protected areas such as the Sabi Sands Private Reserve, the Malamara Nature Reserve, and the Sony Bush Nature Reserve, attracting tourists from around the world for a luxurious lodge stay and safari.

The advantage of safari in a private sanctuary is that vehicles can get off the main road and off-road, so there is a high probability of encountering the Big Five and you can approach the animals to a powerful distance. Most of the vehicles are open tops that do not block the view such as windows, so the sense of unity with animals and nature is further enhanced.

Unlike national parks where the gate closes are fixed, the time is relatively flexible in the private reserve, so you can get out of the car and enjoy the sundowner while watching the sunset, or the lion who starts hunting when the sun goes down. You have a chance to come across. Since the rangers in the private reserve know everything about the premises, it is easy to find the target animal and you can enjoy the safari in very good conditions.

The private reserve has many luxurious lodges and is recommended for those who are particular about accommodation such as sophisticated interiors, discerning meals, and spacious private spaces.


Travel to Kruger National Park
Due to the distance traveled by land, it is common to use domestic flights from Cape Town or Johannesburg. Depending on the location of the lodge, the destination airport will differ, but we will use Kluger Mupramanga Airport, Hootsplate Airport, Skukuza Airport, etc. There are few direct domestic flights, and most flights arrive at Kluger in the afternoon. The round trip for domestic flights is about $ 600, which is expensive for domestic flights.

The return trip departs Kluger in the morning and departs from Cape Town or Johannesburg. International flights to Japan often depart early, so you may need to stay overnight in Johannesburg on the final day.



Tour points
If you mainly use safari, we recommend at least 3 consecutive nights. On the first day, after arriving at Kruger’s airport in the afternoon, drive to the lodge. Since we spend time traveling on the first day, we will have one game drive in the afternoon.
A basic and popular tour is South Africa’s 7-day tour, which combines sightseeing in Cape Town. It will be 8 or 9 days including the transfer from Japan. Choose a lodge that fits your budget.

For excursions, we recommend a trip to South Africa and Eswatini, where the natural landscape is beautiful, or for those who have a long trip and a budget, a four-country tour including Victoria Falls.

Traveling with children
Kluger has many lodges with age restrictions for children, and the number of lodges that can accommodate a large number of people in one room is small. For peace of mind and safari with your children, we recommend safari in the non-malaria region of East Cape Town’s Lalibela Game Reserve and in the Madique Game Reserve near the northwestern Botswana border.

Time of travel
When is the best season for safari? Please refer to.