It is normal to be afraid of the unknown. Even more so when the unknown involves leaving the comfort zone, going to new places… We are used to following a more or less standard life path and when we get out of that path, hundreds of doubts, questions and fears appear.

Of course, it is something normal, because it is a fear that is generated freely and every day: at home, by the media and their perpetuation of false and harmful stereotypes, people with somewhat erroneous ideas of adventures in remote places, » run out of money or get sick”, etc…

Being afraid of traveling implies, to a large extent, being afraid of the other, of the human being who lives within a different cultural framework, who speaks another language and who has other customs. Fear of launching ourselves into a different environment, to which we attribute the possibility of the worst risks we can experience, without taking into account that, even within our homes, we can be exposed to them.

The truth is that we cannot guarantee what may happen to us during a trip, but what we are going to lose will be much more than what we are going to gain by staying at home and letting the opportunity to take the trip of our dreams pass by.

So, the first step we must take is to step outside our mental limits and dare to enjoy the panic of living.