Traveling can be overwhelming, around every corner is something unknown. You feel like new. Full of hope, happiness, curiosity, etc.

We think that we already have everything planned, but surprisingly sometimes nothing turned out as planned. It turns out that following such a strict itinerary kept us from really being present and enjoying the place. So in this article we will help you find a balance to guide your adventures.

Here are my five tips to make the most of any trip:

-No matter where you go, always try to learn a few phrases in the local language.

-Locate the viewpoints. Always try to get an overview of where you are from above. It helps your orientation and results in some perfect photographs.

-Download the apps for public transport, locations, restaurants, local activities and everything that can guide you on your journey.

-Ask the locals. Be brave and start a conversation with a stranger. To break the ice you can ask for a recommendation of a place that as a tourist you cannot miss.

-Visit local markets and get lost discovering shops with crafts, gifts and traditional decoration of the place you visit.