Africa is home to an incredible variety of spectacular people, animals, climates and places.

It is a continent recognized for its beautiful and colorful clothing, which together with its humble history and magical landscaping, form the perfect travel panorama. Without a doubt, if you are looking for a great adventure, Africa is a wonderful destination.

In addition to being the second largest continent in the world, it is made up of more than fifty independent states and in total, each of these offer hot deserts (Kalahari desert in Botswana), vast savannah grasslands, majestic rivers and waterfalls (river Zambezi and Victoria Falls), incredible coastlines, mountains (Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania), and a very rich history.

One of the things that leave anyone who sets foot in Africa speechless and that we cannot fail to mention is its wildlife, its animals and its different ecosystems. Surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean, Red and Arabian Seas, Africa has excellent beaches to enjoy on vacation. For example, Mozambique, Mauritania and the island of Zanzibar are references for their wonderful beaches.

Here pure modernity fits with its large cities and ancestral tribes. Offering visitors the opportunity to get to know a lot of different cultures, with many languages, tasty gastronomy and a multitude of fascinating traditions. And, there are more than seven thousand different tribes in Africa! Its multiculturalism is impressive, with South Africa being the most egalitarian country on the entire continent, more than 2,100 languages ​​are spoken in Africa and more than half of all its people are under 25 years of age.

African art is the history of the people, their customs and their culture. His travels, his beliefs and his daily life are interpreted through him. Their designs seduce us with their amazing simplicity and functionality. Designs that encourage us to lead a calmer and less complicated life. Even within the heterogeneity that such a large continent offers, their designs always have the common denominator of respect and the weight of tradition.

Due to its age, its large size and its different ecosystems, its history is abundant. It is assumed that Africa was the cradle of humanity. In fact, science seems to confirm it, since the oldest human fossils are found there. This is a non-stop of anecdotes that captivate even the most demanding traveler.

Africa is one of those places on earth that has many attractions. From the warmth and kindness of its people to the majestic animals or stunning landscapes, I wish we all had the opportunity to visit this fascinating continent at least once in our lives.

So dare to visit the wonderful lands of this ancient and mysterious continent.