If you have doubts during this process of planning your trip, in this article we have a small guide with rabbits to follow:


To get vaccinated you must make an appointment at the International Vaccination Center closest to your home. The appointment can be requested online or by calling.

Once in the center they ask you about the destination you are going to visit, how long you are going to be on vacation, etc. and advise you on the recommended vaccines for that country. The ideal is to get vaccinated between three and two months before the trip, so you can make sure that the vaccine is already effective and that there is no new risk of contagion from any other disease that you should be vaccinated against.

The vaccines are given to you that same day or they give you a date for later if there are still several months left for your trip. It all depends on how the center works and its administration policy. The vaccines you get are usually free.

Sometimes you have to get vaccines that you have to buy at the pharmacy. For this they send you a request for the vaccine via email. Later you take the requirement to your health center and there they give you a prescription in the event that the vaccine is financed; so you will pay less for it.

Once you have the prescription, you go to the pharmacy and make the request for it. Normally, in a few days you have the vaccine ready to pick up. When you have it in your possession, make an appointment again at your health center for its administration. Meanwhile, the vaccine must be kept in the fridge and the day you take it to the center, you must transport it in a small travel cooler with ice inside to keep it cold.

With your first vaccine, if you don’t have it yet, you can request your certificate or vaccination card. Do not forget to always take it with you on trips in case you are asked to have it at hand at some point. Another tip: Keep a copy in your suitcase in case you lose the original.