Surely, since the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) recognized the state of pandemic, you have wondered if it is safe to do a safari in the time of COVID and, luckily, the answer is YES.

Safari tourism has an advantage over other types of trips, these have very favorable characteristics to practice a safe trip and, not only because of all the measures taken by governments and operators, but also the destination itself thanks to its geography and the type of trip that is made is very safe.


National parks occupy thousands of hectares of land, the possibility of running into many people a few meters away is minimal. Especially if to this we add the prohibition of walking freely in a national park, contact with third parties is limited only to your fellow travelers and the guide.

In addition, many African countries have endeavored to implement all the necessary safety and health measures to safeguard their largest source of income, tourism. Developing safety and hygiene protocols to continue receiving tourists in a constant and safe way.


On safari it is common to stay in tented camps or lodges located in the middle of the national parks. This greatly influences travel safety and being away from the coronavirus.


This is another of the characteristics that make a safari a safe trip in times of COVID. The possibility of renting a 4 × 4 vehicle for you and your companions, getting on a balloon and as well as staying in unique places in the middle of natural landscapes, remove the possibilities of contagion.


So we hope that with all this information, you will give yourself the opportunity to enjoy our different safaris:

Safari in northern Tanzania

Dedicated to those who want to experience the desert of Africa. In the first half of the tour, you will climb Kilimanjaro in 6 days and 7 days. Then, tour some of the national parks and nature reserves such as Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and Serengeti. At Lake Manyara, in addition to the game drive, you can optionally visit the Masai village and the Olduvai valley. We also offer tours of cultural experiences, such as visiting farms and walking safaris with local healers.


A safari program designed for young children will give you the opportunity to experience the real animals, the nature of Africa and stimulate your child’s sensitivity.
Besides Safari, explore Cape Town and Port Elizabeth to enjoy South Africa.


South Africa and Eswathi (formerly Swaziland) Safari, scenic and cultural tour of the area 8 days

Explore the highlights of eastern South Africa and the Kingdom of Eswatini, which have few tourists to visit. Enjoy the Big Five in the Kruger National Park. The beautiful Blyde River Canyon, called the Grand Canyon of Africa, is overwhelmed by the spectacular views.