Although the largest continent in the world is viewed with some suspicion when it comes to traveling, it undoubtedly has large and beautiful territories to explore and, despite the conflicts that exist, there are also places that pose no danger to travelers.


If you have decided to visit an African country, these are the safest:

South Africa

It is one of the most westernized in Africa, but without sacrificing its purely ethnic charm and it is worth including it for its natural beauty, diversity of landscapes and powerful history. Among the most interesting places to visit in South Africa we can highlight Cape Town, Johannesburg, the Kruger National Park, the vineyard region or the beach area that is located between Port Elisabeth and the Cape of Good Hope.



You can travel it by car and discover its colors, smells and flavors. Morocco continues to have that halo of a mysterious place with a perfect combination of beautiful landscapes, smells, traditions, adventure, good prices and gastronomy that makes it one of the best countries in Africa that attracts travelers looking for something different. You can visit the city of Marrakech, the beaches of Essaouira, places like the Ourika valley, Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Hadu.



Of all the African countries, Ethiopia is the only one that was never conquered by foreign powers. A country where mountains that exceed 4,000 meters above sea level are common and coexist with a desert of extreme temperatures, green valleys and a millenary tradition and history that is worthy of the pen of the best fiction writer. Some of the places you could visit would be the Simien Mountains, the sources of the mythical Blue Nile and Lalibela.



It also stands out as one of the safest countries in Africa, increasingly present in any safari circuit in Africa, a unique natural microcosm where lions have learned to swim and boats carried by locals get lost in fairytale scenarios dotted with hippos, and antelopes. Its great tourist attraction is the Okavango delta, where you can see lions, hippos, elephants or antelopes.



Very little trite by independent travelers, Mozambique is a paradise where you will only find local people and you will recognize it as one of the best countries in Africa. It is a country of elongated morphology that offers many outstanding places to visit such as its capital, Maputo, the fishing village of Vilanculos or the sacred Mount Namuli.



Like time, the myths that Africa is dangerous and violent are unfounded for the vast majority of its countries. As a tourist with cameras and cash, you simply have to be careful. So, do you dare to start your African adventure?