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Egypt and Jordan Highlights Tour Express Trip

This tour is recommended for those who want to go from Egypt in North Africa to the Middle East. A knowledgeable guide will guide you through the highlights of the two countries efficiently. The first half of the trip is to Egypt. Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is indispensable for understanding Egyptian civilization, which is considered one of the four great civilizations of the world. We enjoyed shopping at the attractive Arab bazaar and had plenty of free time. You will learn about ancient civilizations at the museum where Egyptian treasures such as Tutankhamun are displayed. The second half of the trip is to Jordan. We will visit the Dead Sea, which is attracting attention from all over the world, Mount Nebo, a place related to the Old Testament, and Petra, which is famous as the stage of Indiana Jones. Witness majestic and majestic monuments built by the ancients, be overwhelmed by breathtaking views of the desert, and float and relax in the Dead Sea. I wanted to experience it once! This tour is full of such experiences.

Points of this tour

1Egypt and Jordan Highlights Best of the Best!

The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are must-sees when visiting Egypt. Of course I will. And if you’ve come this far, this tour is recommended for those who want to stretch their legs a little and step into the Middle East. The second half of the trip is to Jordan. Efficiently tour the highlights with a guide. We will visit Petra ruins, which is famous as the stage of the movie «Indiana Jones», and Mount Nebo, a place related to the Old Testament. Within the limited number of days, let’s fully enjoy the longed-for Arab world.


1Let’s float in the Dead Sea!

The Dead Sea in Jordan is a very popular resort area for wealthy people in Europe. The concentration of salinity is so high that the human body cannot sink into it, ranking second in the world. Please come and experience it for yourself. You can enjoy the mud that is full of minerals and has excellent skin-beautifying effects, such as applying a natural mud pack to your body, or letting your body float. Your skin and mind will be refreshed.


2Safe and comfortable dining and accommodation facilities. Stay in a 4-5 star class hotel!

Enjoy safe and comfortable dining and accommodation. Stay at 4-5 star class hotels and cruises! You can spend your time with peace of mind even when traveling in an unfamiliar land.


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tour highlights

Stroll through the souks in Cairo

Markets called souks are fun just to stroll around! Let’s enjoy the exotic scent of Arabia.

Great Pyramid and Sphinx

Speaking of Egypt, the pyramids are still mysterious. Most of them were built as tombs of Old and Middle Kingdom pharaohs or their families. This tour will take you to the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. And don’t forget to check out the sphinx standing right next to the pyramid! The royal symbol, the Great Sphinx, symbolizes the greatness of the king.

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum (commonly known as the Egyptian Museum) is a museum exhibiting a collection of ancient Egypt located in the capital Cairo. There are more than 200,000 items in the collection. A golden mask excavated from the royal tomb of King Tutankhamen, a golden throne, a statue of Khafre, a statue of Nefertiti excavated from the palace ruins of Tell el Amarna, the capital of ancient Egypt, a mummy of Ramesses II, etc. Egypt treasures are on display.

dead sea

When we think of the Dead Sea, we imagine people floating on the surface of the water while reading newspapers. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to sink. The Dead Sea has a salinity of about 30%, while normal seawater has a salinity of about 3%. The water of the Dead Sea is said to be the second saltiest in the world. The mud along the coast contains many minerals and is believed to have medicinal, therapeutic and skin-beautifying effects. Black natural mud packs are popular, and you can often see people applying them to their bodies. It is also a very popular resort area for wealthy people in Europe, and luxury resort hotels are lined up on the coastal hills. Let’s refresh your skin and mind in Jordan’s Dead Sea.

Mount Nebo

A small mountain of 817m located about 10km northwest of Madaba. The prophet Moses is said to have died from here overlooking the Promised Land, and is designated as an important place in the Old Testament.
At the summit, you can see monuments to Moses, a church built to commemorate his death, mosaics, and the remains of a tomb. You can also see Israel, the Dead Sea and famous Biblical lands from above.

petra ruins

See hand-carved caves, temples and tombs carved out of pink sandstone in Jordan’s high desert nearly 2,000 years ago. The town is said to have been built by the ancient Nabataeans who settled there from around the 1st century BC, and was rediscovered in 1812 by the Swiss Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. Little is known about the Nabataeans, but they are said to have been desert nomads who made their fortunes by trading frankincense. When visiting the ruins, one day is not enough to see the ruins spread over a vast site, such as al-Deir (monastery), the rock canyon Sikh created by river erosion, the Roman amphitheater, the colonnaded street, the Arc de Triomphe, etc. Plenty to see. It can be said that it is the highlight of Jordan tourism. It is also famous as the stage of the movie «Indiana Jones».

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Tour schedule



Arrive at Cairo International Airport. We will take you to your hotel in Cairo.
A Japanese assistant will welcome you.
We will pick you up at your hotel in Cairo.
free time. Please spend a relaxing time.

recommendation! In the evening, you can also participate in the sound and light show of the Giza Plateau near the Pyramids as an optional tour (additional charge).

Dinner / 〇

Overnight in Cairo


pyramid tour

Breakfast at hotel.
After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel.

Visit the Great Pyramid of Khufu, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, on the Giza Plateau. The famous Sphinx can also be seen here.

See the alabaster statue of Ramesses II, the Step Pyramid and Necropolis of Saqqara, also known as the Pyramid of Djoser.

Afterwards, enjoy shopping for souvenirs at the Pyramid Bazaar and the Papyrus Institute.

Lunch is at a fine dining restaurant.

Visit the Pyramid Bazaar and the Papyrus Institute. You can buy souvenirs and enjoy shopping here.

Return to hotel.

Please have dinner.

Hotel night

Breakfast / 〇
Lunch / 〇
Dinner / 〇

Overnight in Cairo


Cairo full day tour

Have breakfast at the hotel. Your driver and guide will pick you up.

Enjoy a full day sightseeing in Cairo.

Visit the Egyptian Museum. The museum, which has a collection of more than 120,000 items from the pre-dynasty era to the Pharaonic era, is also a highlight as a building. Admire the neoclassical architecture designed by French architect Marcel Dournon and the jewels of Egypt.

Visit the Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the main souq in Cairo’s Islamic Quarter.

Visit the old market

free time.

Enjoy shopping and spend your own time.

Return to hotel.

Please have dinner.

Hotel night

Breakfast / 〇
Lunch / 〇
Dinner / 〇

Overnight in Cairo


From Cairo to Amman

Have breakfast at the hotel. Hotel check out. Your driver will transfer you to Cairo International Airport.

Fly to Amman, the capital of Jordan.

A local representative will greet you upon arrival at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

You will be dropped off at your hotel in Amman.

Hotel night

Breakfast / 〇

Overnight in Amman


Madaba to Dead Sea Tour

You will have breakfast at the hotel.

Your guide will meet you and your driver. We will guide you to the town of Madaba.
To Mount Nebo where the holy prophet Moses is said to be buried. Enjoy stunning views from where Moses is said to have gazed across the Promised Land.

Head to the Dead Sea and part of the Holy Land, an old monastery overlooking the Jordan Valley. Drive to the Dead Sea, known as the lowest point on earth. Please spend a relaxing time here. Float in the Dead Sea, famous for its buoyancy where no human can sink!

Return to Amman.

free time

Hotel night

Breakfast / 〇
Lunch / 〇
Dinner / 〇

Overnight in Amman


petra tour

After breakfast at your hotel, you will be picked up by your driver and guide.

Approximately 2.5 hours drive through scenic valleys and deserts.

Head to Petra, one of Jordan’s greatest attractions. Known as the Red Rose Rock City, Petra is a unique landscape of massive caves and urban structures built into the rock face. It was founded around the 6th century BC by the nomadic Nabataeans and Arabs who once settled in the area.

Afterwards, explore the vast valleys (sikhs). You can choose to go on horseback or on foot. See monuments of interest such as the Street of Facades, the Royal Tombs, and the Pharaoh’s Castle.

Return to Amman.

Overnight at hotel.

Breakfast / 〇
Lunch / 〇
Dinner / 〇

Overnight in Amman


Amman Jordan-Departure

Breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast, enjoy free time until departure.

After hotel check-out, transfer to Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

Departure from Japan. Thank you for your hard work!

Breakfast / 〇


Hotel used

Cairo Pyramids Hotel
Cairo Pyramids Hotel
Pyramisa Isis Island Aswan
Harir Palace Hotel Amman

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Tour fee

Egypt & Jordan Highlights 7 days

travel fee

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  • For 3 people: — / 1 person

<What is included in the price>

  • Hotel accommodation (listed facility or equivalent class)
  • Entrance fees to sights during the tour
  • Meals as listed
  • Entrance fee for each tourist facility listed
  • Airport Japanese Assistant
  • Japanese guide
  • Airport transfer (private car)
  • Free mobile phone or Egyptian SIM card for the duration of your stay (includes 30 minutes of local calls or 3 minutes of international calls).

<Things not included in the price>

  • Drink fee during meal
  • Items not listed
  • Personal cost guide, tips for drivers
  • Activity fee
    international air ticket
  • Entry visas to Egypt and Jordan
Point of departure Egypt International Airport
end location Queen Alia International Airport
departure date as needed
hotel Cairo
ICairo Pyramids Hotel(or equivalent class)
Harir Palace Amman Hotel(or equivalent class)
Tour conductor Local staff will guide you
Minimum number of participants 1 person
tour code EGJO001

Notes on this itinerary

Egypt itinerary notes

  • Estimated tips for guides and drivers: 10-20 USD/day
  • Due to the limited number of Japanese-language guides, English-speaking guides may be provided.
  • If the listed hotel or restaurant is not available, we will arrange a hotel or restaurant of the same class.
  • During the tour, if the tour becomes impossible due to force majeure such as natural disasters, unforeseen disasters, political changes, wars, strikes and riots, the tour may be canceled. Please note that there is no guarantee or refund in that case.
  • Please note that the tour order may change at the discretion of the guide or driver. Local staff and guides will respond flexibly.
  • We are not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of your luggage, except in cases of intentional or negligence on the part of the organizer. Please be careful about managing your personal belongings.

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