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Danakil Desert, Elta Are Volcano
Unknown Earth

Eastern Africa, northeastern Ethiopia, and southern Eritrea are all covered by the Danakil Desert. It is regarded as the hottest spot for humans to dwell since it is located 116m above sea level and experiences summer temperatures that are close to 50°C and winter temperatures that are above 40°C.

Although it is known as the world’s toughest tour due to the extreme weather, the view that can be seen is unlike anything else on earth.

The «Caravan,» which resembles a movie scene in which camels are arranged in a line, the «Dalol volcano,» which nature has created through time, the «Elta Are volcano,» which has been active for ages, etc. The view unfolds in front of you as though you were on the planet.

A thrilling and extraordinary experience is waiting for you at «Notendomari,» where you can gaze at the sky while blending in with nature, peer into the magma pouring furiously from a volcano’s brink, and more.

The Danakil Desert is at its best from November to February, during the relatively chilly dry season.

Points of this tour

1Chance to see two lava lakes at Elta Are

The first time, trekking to the summit of the volcano and observing the lava lake. Depending on the time of day, the appearance of the lava lake changes.

Being a tough trip, you will want to take in as much views as you can. Then, we’ll have another opportunity to see the lava lake. This time, we’ll take you there early in the morning so you can witness the sun rising.


2Dates to fully enjoy the Danakil Desert

The sunrise over the volcano, the salt mining nomads, and the salt lake at dusk. There are many attractions of the Danakil Desert in the Dallor district, including the extraordinarily colorful Darol volcano that gives the impression that one is on another planet and salt rock formations created by uplift and erosion. At the relay point, we will switch accommodations and continue after pausing briefly.


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Tour highlights


Ahmed Ella

The residents of Ahmed Ella, a small community with a population of roughly 4,000, depend on salt for their livelihood. People reside near Lake Asare and much of the enormous land is dry. Water gathers in the lake during the rainy season, resulting in a stunning scene that is also known as «Uyuni salt lake in Africa.»

At the salt mine, they will be transported by caravan over a two-day period while being cut into smaller pieces so that camels and donkeys can transport them to the market in Belhalle.


Elta Are volcano

In the Danakil Desert, northeast of Ethiopia, at a height of 613 meters, there is an active volcano called Elta Are. It is the oldest lava lake still in use, and there were significant volcanic eruptions in 2016 and 2017. Volcanic activity has been ongoing since antiquity. A lava lake, which is uncommon in the globe and one of the few locations on earth where you can watch volcanic activity up close, is in the summit’s center.


Darol volcano

In the Danakil Desert, Afar Province, northeast of the Ethiopian Mountains, there is a volcanic volcano called the Dalor Volcano. The lowest of the above-ground volcanoes, it is situated 50 meters above sea level.

Vibrant hues are produced by sulfur-containing minerals, acidic warm water, and algae. The gas rising from the magma chamber condenses to produce the collected water, and the salt and mineral components ring the area brightly. It seems out of the ordinary that they are now seeing another planet.

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Tour schedule


Addis Ababa/Mekele
Arrival in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.
Transfer from Addis Ababa to Mekele.
Arrival in Mekele. We will meet with the local staff and transfer to the hotel.
Please rest upon check in at the hotel.


Mekere night


Mekele-Belhalle-Ahmed Ella
Breakfast at the hotel.
Take a private car to Ahmed Ella. Along the way, we will stop at Belhalle for lunch.
Belhalle is also the relay point where camel caravans carry salt.
After lunch, head to Ahmed Ella.
Ahmed Ella arrival. Before the sun sets, head to Lake Calum and watch the sun set over the salt lake.
After sunset, return to Ahmed Ella for dinner. It will be Notendomari on this day.


Overnight stay at Ahmed Ella


Ahmed Ella-Dallor-Belhalle-Abara
Breakfast at the hotel.

While traveling through the salt lake, aim at Dalor.

Move cautiously through the salt lake to prevent harm to the vehicle.

Visit the Dalor volcano and hike the lava plateau’s slopes. The enigmatic crater of intense hue is visible.

Enjoy the somewhat otherworldly modeling that nature has produced.

Return from Darrol to the salt lake and observe the arduous labor of the Muslim Afar nomads as they mine salt and load it onto a camel.

eat at Belhalle for lunch.

Drive to Abara for around two hours after lunch.

At the local’s home, we will eat dinner, and this is where we will stay privately.


Private night


Abara-Elta Are

Move for two to three hours on the paved road after breakfast –

then venture off-road.

We’ll have lunch in a tiny desert town after traveling for about an hour.

After lunch, travel 12 kilometers off-road for roughly 1.5 hours at a very slow pace.

Trek for three hours to the crater’s summit. Part of the hike is during the day, and the other part is at night, so bring headlights.

Reaching the crater’s summit. Take a stroll while you relax and enjoy the stunning view of the lava lake.

Return to the nearby campground after this and eat dinner there.


Overnight at Elta Are


Erta Are Mekele

Get up at 4 a.m. and get to the nearby crater as soon as possible.

At the lava lake, watch the sunrise. Please take in the daybreak and the distinct vista from last night’s lava lake.

After sunrise, spend a few hours at the military camp. At the camp, breakfast is served.

Afterwards, proceed to Mekele, where lunch will be set.


Overnight at Mekele


Mekelle-Addis Ababa
After breakfast, we will pick you up / transfer to the airport.
Take a flight to Addis Ababa.


In-flight night


Planet hotel
Planet hotel

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Tour fee

World’s toughest tour of hell in Ethiopia 6 days



<What is included in the price>

  • Round-trip airport transfer
  • Transfer by land
  • Accommodations and meals listed on the itinerary
  • Scheduled tour
  • Water during your stay
  • English guide

<What is not included in the price>

  • Domestic and international flights (tax)
  • Visa
  • Sleeping bag
  • Guide or room service tip, porter, personal expenses, luggage insurance
  • Phone charges, laundry, items not listed on the schedule
  • Tip (reference)
    Guide: USD20/per day
    Driver: USD10/per day
    Porter: USD1/once
Point of departure Bole International Airport
Departure date Please contact us
Hotel Mekele
Planet hotel
Tour guide
Minimum number of participants 2 persons
Tour code ET002

Notes on this itinerary

Ethiopian itinerary notes

There is a limit to the amount of luggage that can be packed in a moving vehicle. Please bring a cloth bag or backpack that you can use the space in.

If the tour cannot be performed due to force majeure such as natural disaster, accidental disaster, political change, war turmoil, or strike riot during the tour, the tour may be canceled. Please note that there is no guarantee or refund in that case.

Please note that the tour order may be changed at the discretion of the guide or driver. Depending on the activity status of the volcano, the contents may be changed or an alternative tour may be conducted. Local staff and guides will respond flexibly.

About vehicle: This tour is a mixed-loading tour, so all movements are with other passengers of our company. Please understand in advance.

We will not be liable for any damage, loss, or theft of your luggage, unless the organizer deliberately or negligently.
Please take care of your personal baggage.

A visa is required to enter Ethiopia. Please obtain it yourself before traveling.

You need to be healthy and physically strong enough to walk a 4-hour one-way route. Gases are erupting at El Taale volcano, so please refrain from participating if you have respiratory or heart problems.

Domestic baggage, including baggage, is limited to 15kg per person. Larger suitcases (especially hard types) may not be loaded. We recommend traveling with a soft shell or duffel bag of a certain size.

Be sure to check before traveling! [Useful Information for Africa Tour]

Tour options

You can add more options to your basic tour itinerary to make your trip even more enjoyable.
If you wish, please let us know when you apply for the tour.

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