Project Description

A safe and secure safari to enjoy with your family.

The Lalibela Conservation Area is located 90km from Port Elizabeth in eastern South Africa. In the malaria-free area, the Big 5 also inhabits.
At the family-friendly lodge, you can enjoy a peaceful stay with the whole family, including meal menus and activities for children.

A safari program designed for young children will give you the opportunity to experience the real animals, nature of Africa and stimulate your child’s sensibility.
Besides Safari, explore Cape Town and Port Elizabeth to enjoy South Africa.

Points of this tour

1Stay safe in non-malaria infected areas

Africa’s safari region is often malaria-infected, and safari with young children may be uneasy.
We will be staying in Eastern Cape Town, a non-malarial area, so that your family can enjoy safari comfortably.

Take a domestic flight from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, known as the ‘Friendly City’, on a 1 hour 20 minute flight.
The Lalibela Conservation Area is located an hour’s drive from here.


2Safari experience with small children

Many national parks and lodges have restrictions on gaming and lodging with young children.

We have chosen a lodge where you can take a safari with your child so that the whole family can enjoy your trip. Safari cars are customized for children. Children under 2 years old can use the services of the daycare.


3Enriched activities for children

Children will not get bored as they also have fun activities like Africa such as rhino’s T-sh paint, African masks and photo frame making at times other than safari.
The lodge is a family type that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children, so you can spend private time.
A child menu is available for children under 8 years old.

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Tour highlights

Port Elizabeth

A resort area with beautiful beaches located in the southern part of Eastern Cape. Beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, sailing and fishing are also available. If you are interested in culture and history such as a museum where you can learn about apartheid, street art and art museums, we recommend that you extend your stay and take a leisurely tour.

Lalibela Game Reserve

A non-malarial reserve that covers an area of ​​10,500 hectares. In addition to Big 5, such as lions and elephants, hyenas and cheetahs inhabit. Since there is no public road to the lodge, the safari area can only be accessed by guests and you can enjoy a private safari.

Cape Town

Africa’s leading world city. A port town facing Table Bay, it is an urban area with many natural tourist attractions such as Table Mountain, Hope Peak, and Cape Grassland. Please enjoy the different charm that overturns the image of Africa = savanna.

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Tour schedule


Cape Town
Arrived at Cape Town International Airport.
A guide will pick you up at the airport. To Cape Town city tour.
If you arrive early, we will take you to Table Mountain.
Take the cable car to the top of Table Mountain and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cape Town.

I will send it to the hotel.


Cape Town night


Cape Town/Port Elizabeth/Lalibela Game Reserve
Breakfast at the hotel.
Your guide will pick you up at the hotel. We will send you to Cape Town International Airport.
Domestic flight from Cape Town International Airport to Port Elizabeth Airport. (About 1 hour 20 minutes)
We will meet you at the airport and send you to the lodge.
To the afternoon game drive.
Dinner at the lodge.


Overnight at Lalibela Game Reserve


Lalibela Game Reserve
Breakfast at the hotel.
Enjoy a tailored safari program at the Lalibela Game Reserve. (2 to 7 years old)
Safari vehicles are designed for younger children and travel down the main road keeping a safe distance from dangerous animals.

It will come from a long distance, but if you are lucky, you will also encounter the Big 5.
Safari that focuses on the environment where children can feel the sounds and smells of antelopes, birds, insects and nature.

* Morning program: Departure at 8:00. After experiencing the safari, brunch at the lodge.
*Afternoon program: 16:30-18:00

Children over the age of 8 can join the regular game safari with adults.


Overnight at Lalibela Game Reserve


Lalibela Game Reserve
Breakfast at the hotel.
Let’s enjoy the game drive in the protected area on this day as well. A one-time safari is also possible according to the physical condition of the child.

*Child care and baby-sitting services
You can leave your child at a daycare center and have a peace of mind when playing an adult game drive.
Services are available at no extra charge during game drives and meals.


Overnight at Lalibela Game Reserve


Lalibela Game Reserve/Port Elizabeth/Cape Town
Breakfast at the hotel.
Take a private car to Port Elizabeth.
To city tour. We’ll take you to Donkin Reserve and Kings Beach, a photography spot with beautiful views of the Al Goa Bay.
Lunch is at the restaurant recommended by the guide.
After lunch, we will send you to the airport.
Fly to Cape Town.
After arriving in Cape Town, we will send you to the hotel.


Cape Town night


Cape Town/Departure
Breakfast at the hotel.
We will send you to the airport according to the flight time.
Departure from Cape International Airport.


In-flight night

Use Hotel

Cape Town
The Hyde All-Suites Hotel And Spa
The Hyde All-Suites Hotel And Spa
Lalibela Reserve
Lalibela Mark's Camp
Lalibela Mark’s Camp

Photo Gallery

Tour fee

South Africa Family Safari

Price for 1 person

$1,810For 2 adults and 2 children

Price for 1 person

$1,967For 2 adults and 2 children

Price for 1 person

$2,045For 2 adults and 2 children

Price for 1 person

$1,884For 2 adults and 2 children

Price for 1 person

$1,865For 2 adults and 2 children

Price for 1 person

$1,366For 2 adults and 2 children

<What is included in the price>

  • Round-trip airport transfer
  • Transfer by land
  • Accommodations, meals, activities listed on the itinerary
  • Admission to the Lalibela Reserve
  • Designated drink
  • English guide

<What is not included in the price>

  • Domestic and international flights (tax)
  • Visa
  • Beverage, room service tip, porter, personal expenses, luggage insurance
  • Phone charges, laundry, items not listed on the schedule
  • Tip (reference)
    Guide: USD10/per day
    Driver: USD10/per day
    Porter: USD1/once
Point of departure Cape Town International Airport
Departure date at any time
Hotel Cape Town
Hyde All Suites
Lalibela Reserve
Marks Camp
tour conductor Local staff will guide you
Minimum number of participants 2 persons
Tour code SA003

Notes on this itinerary

South American itinerary notes

  • Please be aware of baggage restrictions on domestic flights.
  • If the tour cannot be performed due to force majeure such as natural disaster, accidental disaster, political change, war turmoil, or strike riot during the tour, the tour may be canceled. Please note that there is no guarantee or refund in that case.
  • Please note that the tour order may be changed at the discretion of the guide or driver. Local staff and guides will respond flexibly.
  • Vehicles: This tour is a mixed-loading tour, so we are traveling with other customers. Please understand in advance.
  • We will not be liable for any damage, loss, or theft of your luggage, unless the organizer deliberately or negligently.
    Please take care of your personal baggage.
  • Domestic baggage, including baggage, is limited to 15kg/person. Larger suitcases (especially hard types) may not be loaded. We recommend traveling with a soft shell or duffel bag of a certain size.
  • Japanese tourists do not need a visa application to enter South Africa for tourism purposes. (Up to 90 days stay)

Be sure to check before traveling! [Useful Information for Africa Tour]

Tour options

You can add more options to your basic tour itinerary to make your trip even more enjoyable.
If you wish, please let us know when you apply for the tour.

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