Project Description

Experience a land and water safari in Gabon, a treasure trove of nature!

Although it is a country that is not very familiar to Japanese people, the Republic of Gabon is located in Central Africa, where more than 80% of the land is forest and the untouched nature with 13 national parks is attractive.

Despite its compact schedule, it offers a wide variety of whale watching, gorilla tracking and local Benga tribes.
Experience safari in a variety of styles including walking, boating, and cars in the Roango National Park, which is rich in lagoons, marshes, and rainforests.
Observe rare animals such as buffalo with red fur and forest elephants that live in the forest.

Points of this tour

1Lots of safari bodies in Loango National Park!

Most of the tours are spent in Roango National Park. With its abundant lakes, rivers, coasts and lagoons, this area is truly a water paradise! We will offer a variety of safari experiences such as whale watching, meeting elephants relaxing on the waterfront, and observing the precious ‘Nishi Roland Gorilla’ which is endangered.


2Experience the local culture!

20km north of the capital city of Libreville. Visit the village of Benga on Santa Clara Point on the Atlantic side of northwestern Gabon. Learn about the culture of the Benga people who live in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon and visit the community to gain a better understanding.


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Tour highlights


Gabon’s capital. There is a lot of food, clothes, miscellaneous goods in the market called Marche, so it is recommended to buy souvenirs.

Paul Jean Tille

The second city of Gabon, Paul Jean Tille, is a Gulf city in the west. Not only the country’s main port, but also the industrial center.

Benga Village

A village called the Benga people live on the coast near Equatorial Guinea.

Roango National Park

Roango National Park, also known as Water Paradise. It is a park rich in greenery such as forests and grasslands as well as lagoons and rivers. It is a precious place where you can also see elephants and hippos relaxing on the water’s edge.

Tour dates


Arrival at Libreville International Airport.
After passing through customs and immigration, the person in charge is waiting for you.
I will send it to the hotel.
Visit Benga Village on Cape Santa Clara near Libreville. (When arriving in the morning and in the afternoon)
Check in at the hotel.
Dinner at the hotel.


Libreville night


Libreville/Paul Jean Tille/Roango National Park
Breakfast at the hotel. Check out after breakfast.
Head to Amboseli National Park. (4 hours)
Upon arrival, check in at the lodge for lunch.
After lunch, take a break for an afternoon game drive in the national park.
Dinner at the lodge.


Overnight in Roango National Park


Roango National Park
Breakfast at the lodge.
After breakfast, walk into the park and explore the wildlife by foot, car or boat.
The nature of Roango National Park is one of the richest in Central Africa. Here you will find mangroves, beaches, forests with rivers and huge trees, and even grasslands. You can meet a variety of wildlife such as buffalo, hippo, crocodile, Nishinoland gorilla, monkey and chimpanzee.
On this day, you will visit the facilities of the Western lowland gorilla and then head to the Akaka River for more nature.


Overnight in Roango National Park


Roango National Park
Breakfast at the camp.
After breakfast, head to the park and visit the Akaka River and Igera Lagoon.
Enjoy whale watching.
Then, enjoy your stay at the Roango Lodge or Akaka Camp.


Overnight in Roango National Park


Roango National Park / Paul Jean Tille / Libreville
Breakfast at the lodge. Check out after breakfast.
Drive 4×4 from Roango National Park to Paul Jeanty.
Arrived at Paul Jean Thi. In the evening, we moved to Libreville by domestic flight.
Departure after arriving at Libreville International Airport.

For return flight, please book a flight after 20:00. Alternatively, you can arrange extra nights in Libreville.


Use Hotel

InterContinental Nairobi
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Roango National Park
Loango Lodge
Loango Lodge
Roango National Park
Akaka Camp
Akaka Camp

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Meet the Whale Nishiland Gorilla Gabon 5-Day Trip

Travel price

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<What is included in the price>

  • Round-trip airport transfer
  • Transfer by land
  • Accommodations, meals, activities listed on the itinerary
  • Entrance fees and taxes in all parks
  • Water during your stay
  • Gorilla visit permit
  • Whale watching permit

<What is not included in the price>

  • Domestic and international (tax)
  • Visa
  • Beverage, room service tip, player, personal expenses, luggage insurance
  • Optional tour
  • Phone charges, laundry, items not listed in the schedule
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Tip
Point of departure
Departure date any time
Hotel Libreville
Roango National Park
Loango Lodge
Akaka Camp
Tour Guide None
Minimum number of participants 1 person
Tour code GA001

Notes on this itinerary

Gabon Itinerary Notes

  • If the tour cannot be performed due to force majeure such as natural disaster, accidental disaster, political change, war turmoil, or strike riot during the tour, the tour may be canceled. Please note that there is no guarantee or refund in that case.
  • Airport taxes and park taxes are subject to change.
  • Please note baggage restrictions on domestic flights.
  • We will not be liable for any damage, loss, or theft of your luggage, except in the case of the organizer’s intention or negligence. Please take care of your personal baggage.
  • As it is a wild animal, whales and gorillas may not be seen.

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Tour options

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If you wish, please let us know when you apply for the tour.

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