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Surrounded by mountain ranges lies, the Kingdom of Lesotho
For your eyes, a treasure trove of magnificent views!

Lesotho, surrounded by the Republic of South Africa, is one among the 3 remaining ‘Kingdoms’ in Africa. The tour departs from Underberg and visits tourist sites such as ‘Katse Dam’ with a beautiful landscape. The ‘Matsunyane Falls’, with a height of 192 meters and a historical site called ‘Thaba Bosiu’, which is said to be the founding land of Basotho nation (Lesotho).

Lesotho, adorned with hills and elevations at over 1,500 m, is a spectacular country with many high-altitude mountain ranges. It is also known as ‘the Mountain kingdom’. You can only see it, feel it, to believe it.

Points from this tour

1From a high-point, a great view and a sumptuous lunch awaits

Sani Pass, South Lesotho, around the border region with South Africa. The surrounding mountains reach upwards of a little above 2,897m. Lunch served while savoring the Panoramic view from ‘Sani Mountain Lodge’ are nothing but magnificent.


2Lesotho’s environment is safe and conducive.

Lesotho experiences good weather, sunny with little to no rain 300 days a year. It is especially safe for children because there’s no risk of malaria due to the fact that there are no mosquitoes in Lesotho!

Let’s Go on an adventure, bring your loved ones, it can only begin in Lesotho.


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Tour Highlights

Katse dam

Africa’s second largest dam, located at an altitude of 2,000m, was created to effectively use Lesotho’s abundant natural resources. Katse, graciously covered by the ever present lush vegetation coupled with the massive dam, is unlike anything seen in Japan. The massive jets of water gashing through the trapdoors is a sight to behold.

Matsunyane Waterfalls

Along the Orange River, the roaring Matsunyane Waterfalls plunge thunderously from a ledge, dropping 192m into the basin below. The view makes for great ‘panorama’ , adorn with mountains and gracefully flowing streams.

Thaba Bosiu

Thaba Bosiu, loosely translated; ‘mountain at night’ is a sandstone plateau in an area between the Orange and Caledon rivers. It was once the capital of Lesotho, during King Moshoeshoe’s rule. He named it Thaba Bosiu after having led his people there, arriving at night. It is revered since it was at Thaba Bosiu that they fought and defended themselves, thus settling and growing as a people. The Bassotho, people of Lesotho. Kings Moshoeshoe I and II are buried at this World Heritage Site.

Tour schedule

Dia 1

Underberg – Afrisky
On arrival at Underberg, we will have a short brief of the tour.
Lunch is served at the hotel, set on the slopes at some of the highest points in Southern Africa.
After lunch, engage the farmers in Basso to learn about Lesotho way of lfe.
While enroute, a visit to the Letseng Diamond Mine is quite the sight. The way back will see us at reaching points at an altitude of 3,225 m.
Arrival at the hotel, where dinner will be served.

Breakfast /-
Lunch / –
Dinner /O

Overnight in Ahuriski.

Dia 2

Africa – Rabo – Katse
Breakfast at the hotel.
After breakfast, we’ll head on to Rabo/Katse.
Along the way, visit the Old paintings and murals, left by the Indigenous people more than 300 years ago, or visit the cooking and embroidery workshops of the local people to learn about the culture and life of Lesotho.
Later, head to Katse dam and have lunch served on the way.
Arrival at the hotel where Dinner, will be served.

Breakfast /O
Lunch /O
Dinner /O

Overnight in Katze.

Dia 3

Katse – Mohale
Breakfast at the hotel.
Head out to Katse dam, the second largest dam in Africa.
Driving to the city of Mohale from Katze, promises exciting scenery along the Lesotho Plateau, hosting a rich flora and fauna.
At this point, indulge in a picnic lunch.
Thereafter enjoy a boat ride at Mohale Dam in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
Later, transfer to hotel, without a shortage of breathtaking views.

Breakfast /O
Lunch /O
Dinner /O

Overnight in Mohale

Dia 4

Mohale – Semonkong
Breakfast at the hotel.
We will explore Thaba Bosiu in the western part of Lesotho, an important heritage for the Kingdom of Lesotho, where numerous wars were fought to protect the kingdom, in the 19th century.
Hike/ climb to the top of the hill where the remains of the Royal familes are interred.
Later, we’ll visit the Maletsunyane Falls, standing at a whooping 204 m.
Lunch is served then we’ll head to Semonkong, ‘place of smoke’.

Arrival back at the hotel, with dinner being served.

Breakfast /O
Lunch /O
Dinner /O

Overnight at Semicon.

Dia 5

Semonkong – Underberg – Departure
Breakfast at the hotel.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Drakensberg mountain ranges along the way back to the airport for departure.

Breakfast /O
Lunch / –
Dinner / –

Overnight on the plane.


Hemingways Nairobi
AfriSki Mountain Resort
Hemingways Nairobi
Katse Lodge
Hemingways Nairobi
Mohale Lodge
Semon com
Hemingways Nairobi
Semonkong Lodge

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A 5-day trip around Lesotho, the spectacular Kingdom

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* Guide or tokens of local companions.
* Chip 1 day / USD 10 per person.

Place of departure From Underberg Airport.
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Alojamiento Africanski
AfriSki Mountain Resort
Katse Lodge
Mohale Lodge
Semonkong Lodge
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Travel code LS001
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