Project Description

‘Morondava’ ‘Kirindi Forest Reserve’
6-day local tour of Ashidabe National Park

The tour begins in the capital, Antananarivo and travels domestically to Morondava. Visit the Baobab tree-lined avenue, where you can see mysterious giant trees, and head to the Kirindy Forest Reserve during day and night with a nature guide to find unique animals unique to Madagascar. Fly back to Antananarivo and visit Andasibe National Park and Chameleon Park.

You can enjoy the attractions of Madagascar efficiently and comfortably because you will be sightseeing while staying in each city using domestic flights.

Points of this tour

1Let’s go see the animals unique to Madagascar

There are encounters with the largest lemur ‘Indri’, the lemur such as ‘Sifaka’ who has a cute jumping leg while standing upright, and reptiles such as person chameleon and precious animals that can only be seen in Madagascar. Look for nocturnal lemurs on a night walk or watch animals up close at Chameleon Park.


2Baobab tree-lined path

‘Baobab’ is a strange tree that appears in the Little Prince. There are seven types of baobabs in Madagascar. Visit Madagascar’s popular tourist destination ‘Baobab Tree-lined Road’ twice, where the baobabs are lined up in a straight line, and enjoy taking pictures with the blue sky and sunset in your bag. You will also see a tree called ‘Love each other Baobaw’ where two trunks are intertwined.


3Easy to fly

From the capital Antananarivo to Morondava with the baobab tree-lined road, it takes more than 12 hours one way by road. We will travel on round-trip domestic flights so that you can enjoy your trip comfortably without wasting time and energy. It operates several times a week, so we will organize the itinerary according to the flight schedule.

Tour highlights


A city overlooking the Straits of Mozambique. There is a famous tree-lined Baobaw road, and the Kirindi Forest Reserve, which is an hour’s drive away, is home to Madagascar’s endemic Siphoca and the world’s smallest primate pygmy lemurs.

Kirindy Forest Reserve

The terrain is flat and easy to walk, and the forest trees are short, making it easy for animals to find and the chance to see many flora and fauna. In addition to reptiles, this lemur is home to eight lemurs, including the lemur lemur and the velociphoca, and the largest carnivorous animal in Madagascar, the fossa.

Andasibe National Park

A national park located 150 km east of the capital, Antananarivo. In the Perine Nature Reserve, which is covered with abundant primary forest and is a park, there are 10 species of lemurs, including the world’s largest lemur ‘Indri’.

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Tour schedule


Arriving in Antananarivo
Arrival at Ivatu International Airport.
After passing customs and immigration, the person in charge is waiting for you.
I will send it to the hotel. Let’s rest after a long flight.


Overnight in Antananarivo


Antananarivo / Morondava / Kirindy Forest Reserve
Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.
A representative will meet you at the lobby and drop you off at the airport.
Domestic flights to Morondava. (About 1 hour)
Your guide will be waiting for you when you arrive in Morondava.
Move to Kirindy Forest Reserve. (About one and a half hours)
On the way, we stop at Baobab tree-lined road. After that, go to Nature Walk in Kirindy Forest Reserve.
Check in at the lodge.
In the evening, join the night walk in Kirindy.


Giraffe stay


Kirindy Forest Reserve / Morondava
Breakfast at the lodge.
Enjoy the morning nature walk in Kirindy.
Move to Morondava. It’s called «Beautiful Baobau»
Tour the baobab tree.
Enjoy a stroll in the cart along the Baobau tree-lined path or take a photo of the sunset.
Drop off at your hotel in Morondava.


Morondava night


Morondava / Antananarivo
Breakfast at the lodge.
Visit the Bethany fishing village and see how the Vez live in the area.
We will send you to the airport in Morondava.
Domestic flight transfer to Antananarivo.
Upon arrival in Antananarivo, a representative will send you to the hotel.


Overnight in Antananarivo


Antananarivo/Andasibe National Park
Breakfast at the hotel. Check out after breakfast.
A guide will meet you in the lobby.
I’m heading to Andasibe. On the way, we will stop at the Madagascar Exotic Reserve (commonly known as Chameleon Park).
You can see chameleons, colorful frogs and butterflies, which are rare in Japan.
Move to the lodge.
At night, walk the night in Andasibe National Park for nocturnal lemurs and chameleons.


Andasibe night


Andasibe National Park / Antananarivo / Departure
Breakfast at the lodge early in the morning. Part of Andasibe National Park,
Visit the Anarama Masaotra Special Reserve. This is your chance to see the biggest lemur ‘Indri’.
We will drop you off at the airport in Antananarivo on your flight.
Depart from Antananarivo Airport.


In-flight night


Hotel Colbert spa & Casino
Hotel Colbert spa & Casino
Kirindy Forest Reserve
Relais du Kirindy
Palissandre Cote Ouest resort & SPA
Palissandre Cote Ouest resort & SPA
Ashidabe National Park
Mantadia Lodge
Mantadia Lodge

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Tour fee

Unexplored Madagascar Sky Tour 6 days local

Travel price

<What is included in the price>

  • Round-trip airport transfer
  • Transfer by land
  • Accommodations, meals, activities listed on the itinerary
  • Entrance fees and taxes in all parks
  • English guide (in parks and reserves: English naturalist guide)
  • Domestic flights (Antananarivo-Morondava round trip. Airport tax included)

<What is not included in the price>

  • International flights (tax)
  • Visa
  • Beverage, room service tip, porter, personal expenses, luggage insurance
  • Phone charges, laundry, items not listed on the schedule
  • Guide or tip of local escort
  • Tip 1 day / USD10 per person
Point of departure Ivatu International Airport
Departure date Please contact us
Hotel Antananarivo
Hotel Colbert spa & Casino
Kirindy Forest Reserve
Relais du Kirindy
Palissandre Cote Ouest resort & SPA
Ashidabe National Park
Mantadia Lodge
tour conductor Local staff will guide you
Minimum number of participants 2 persons
Tour code MA003

Tour options

You can add more options to your basic tour itinerary to make your trip even more enjoyable.
If you wish, please let us know when you apply for the tour.

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