Project Description

Sanctuary Sun Boat III

Sanctuary Sun Boat III is a river yacht that represents the ultimate in luxury Nile cruises.
Sophisticated style comfort is reflected throughout, with white and ebony tones combined to create warmth and depth.
This elegant Egyptian cruise boat can accommodate up to 36 guests on 3, 4 and 7 night cruises.

Evoking Egypt’s past heyday, the Sanctuary Sun Boat III has been repeatedly voted among the 100 most beautiful boats in the world by Condé Nast readers. 1920s and
Modeled after the opulent era of the ’30s, this elegant cruiser is exquisitely appointed, from delicious gourmet cuisine in the restaurant to refreshing cocktails in the sundeck pool area and afternoon tea in the stunning lounge. . Sanctuary Sun Boat III has 18 beautifully designed and unique cabins, including two Royal Suites and two Presidential Suites.


Royal Suite

Discover the essence of tranquility and elegance on a luxury Nile cruise in our two Royal Suites.
Honey hues welcome you to these luxurious and spacious suites.

Presidential Suite

Enjoy the ultimate in tranquility in our spacious and elegant suites, decorated in cool, soothing tones. Comfort and style are reflected in every corner of the Presidential Suite, giving it a naturally stunning look. There are two presidential suites.

luxury cabin


All four luxury cabins are beautifully appointed with traditional four-poster beds draped in Egyptian linens. Shutters are the traditional focal point of the cabin and a striking design element. The cabin’s warm tones and traditional tones evoke 1930s charm.

4 Night Nile Cruise Aswan to Luxor

First day
Embark in Aswan

Board a 5-star deluxe Nile cruise boat moored at a private dock in Aswan and enjoy a welcome zaffa with drums and flutes.
Lunch will be served on board.

In the afternoon, you’ll have the chance to board a felucca (a typical Egyptian sailboat) around Elephantine Island, Lord Kitchener’s Botanical Gardens, and the Mausoleum of the Aga Khan (life jackets provided weather permitting).

Afternoon tea can be enjoyed in the lounge while enjoying the sounds of the oud trio.
In the evening, you will be greeted by your boat manager as you enjoy a selection of canapés along with complimentary Egyptian wine and local beer. A gourmet dinner will be served on board.

the 2nd day
Philae & Kom Ombo

After a buffet breakfast on board, board a motorboat to visit the romantic and majestic Temple of Philae on Agilika Island.
Followed by a visit to the granite quarries that supplied the ancient Egyptians with most of the hard stones used in their pyramids and temples and still hold a huge unfinished obelisk.

Enjoy lunch as you cruise to Kom Ombo to visit the magnificent Kom Ombo Temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek.

Enjoy afternoon tea during your cruise to Edfu.

In the evening, enjoy a movie on board after a delicious dinner.

sahara desert

Third day
Temple of Khnum and Temple of Horus

A buffet breakfast is served on board.
In the morning, explore the amazing Temple of Horus.

Enjoy lunch on board during your cruise to Esna. After lunch, you will have an Egyptian cooking lesson on board.

This afternoon, an Egyptologist will guide you through the Greco-Roman Temple of Khnum in Esna. The beautifully preserved Great Hypostyle Hall was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius. Excavated from the silt accumulated by the annual Nile floods over the centuries, it lies about 9 meters below current road level.

Enjoy afternoon tea while sailing to Luxor.

The evening is an ‘Egyptian Night’ costume party where all guests can dress up in a traditional Egyptian ‘Galabeiya’. Dinner is a sumptuous Egyptian buffet, followed by oriental music and dancing.

4th day
Luxor East and West Banks

Breakfast is served on board.

In the morning visit the Valley of the Kings. Visit at least one tomb in the Valley of the Queens and have the chance to visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.
Pass the famous Colossi of Memnon on your way back to the Nile. This colossus was known in ancient Greece for its haunting voice at dawn.

After lunch, an Egyptologist will lead you through the stunning Luxor Temple, dedicated to the god Amun, before heading to the Karnak Temple.

Return to your luxury Nile cruise boat, where afternoon tea is served in the lounge.

The evening’s entertainment is the Gala Dinner, where white-gloved waiters serve gourmet meals, followed by a dervish show and belly dancer performances.


Day 5
Disembark in Luxor

A buffet breakfast is served on board before check-out at 8:00.

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