Project Description

Gorillas, chimps, expeditions, game drive, boat safari. All Ugandan wildlife!

You can see unique animals like chimpanzees and mountain gorillas that inhabit Uganda and climbing lions. A country just below the equator, which was once called «The Pearl of Africa» by British Prime Minister Churchill. It is a treasure house of birds, and you will be fascinated by the richness of butterflies and plants. In Safari Game Drive, you’ll search for large, powerful animals like elephants and buffaloes.

On the boat safari, watch the wild hippo in Bwindi Wilderness National Park, which only lives on the African continent. You can see how they bathe up close. In addition, Nile crocodiles, elephants and a variety of birds gather on the water’s edge.

The point of this tour

1An expedition in search of gorillas and chimpances!

Los chimpancés y los gorilas Bwindi viven en lo profundo del bosque escondido de los humanos. Por lo tanto, para encontrarse con ellos, caminaremos a través de bosques protegidos, y a veces subiremos cuesta arriba mientras avanzamos. ¡El encuentro es muy probable! Cuando te encuentres con uno, quedarás impresionado.


2We will visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, famous for its tree-climbing lion.

Typical animals that can be seen in the park, including tree-climbing lions in Ishasha district, are elephants, wild boar, Ugandan inlet, waterbuck, buffalo, hippo and leopard. In addition, there are more than 600 species of birds.
Typical birds include African spatulas, fishermen’s martines, salamanders, pelicans and vultures. A powerful game gives you the opportunity to meet big animals.


3See hippos on a boat safari

Kajinga waterway, 32 km long, connecting Lake Edward and Lake George. Many hippos live here, and it is said to be a «paradise of hippos». As you advance through the canal aboard the boat, you will be able to see the hippos playing in the water. There are also many waterfowl, so birdwatchers can’t contain theself!


4Stay at a luxury inn

While enjoying the wildlife, we have carefully selected luxurious and cozy 5-star hotels and cabins. We also have a commitment to location and view!


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Highlights on the tour


Kibale National Park

It is one of the world’s leading primate habitats, with 13 types of primates, including chimpanzees.
Nearly 5,000 chimpanzees live in Ugandan forests, and Kibale National Park is the site with the highest rate of encounter of chimpanzees in the country.


Queen Elizabeth National Park

A park located on the border with Congo in western Uganda. It is the second largest in Uganda and is famous for its «tree-climbing lion». It is said to be home to most of the country’s mammals.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

It borders the Congolese border and is adjacent to Virunga National Park in the Congo. This park has about 340 gorillas and is about half the number of endangered mountain gorillas.

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Tour itinerary


Arrival in kampala
He arrived at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.
Meet with the local staff and we will take you to the hotel in the capital, Kampala.  It takes about an hour by car. If you wish, you can also visit the city as an option. (It is only possible if the arrival time is early)

<Optional Tour>

Tourism in the city of kampala
Gourmet tour in kampala


Stay in kampala


Towards Portal Fort, (Kibale National Park)
You can choose between breakfast or box lunch at the hotel.
The guide will pick you up at the hotel.
It takes approximately 5 hours to reach Fort portal, Kibale National Park.
You can also take a look at how local people live in the village, passing along the way through the lush forest and tea plantations.
Upon arrival at the hostel, Enjoy a wonderful view of Crater Lake from the hostel and rest at ease.


Stay at Fort Portal


Expedition in search of chimps in Kibale National Park

Choose between Breakfast or a box lunch at the hotel.
Early in the morning we will head to Kibale National Park.
After we get there, we’re going on a chimpanzee expedition.
Kibale National Park is home to many species of primates, including chimpanzees. It has the largest in the world, and also about 5,000 chimpanzees inhabit the Ugandan forest. Experienced rangers find chimpanzees and other monkeys as well. You’ll have a chance to see them in the distance!

* In general, you may encounter 3 or 4 different species of primates in addition to chimpanzees on the routes.
In the afternoon we will take a 2-3 hour walk through the swamp. If you’re lucky, you can discover a Camellia Mandarin Duck!
The local community welcomes you on the road in a small community.

<Optional Tours>

Chimpanzee Nest Tour (1 hour)
Hike to Crater Lake (1 hour)


Stay at Fort Portal


Towards Queen Elizabeth National Park
After breakfast, we’ll move to Queen Elizabeth National Park.
Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s second largest park and is home to mammals such as tree-climbing lions, savannah lions, elephants, wild boars, buffaloes, hippos and leopards.
Once in the hostel, it’ll be free time.
Relax in a beautiful luxury hotel located on the peninsula, in the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park


Game drive and boat safari via maritima kajinga
we will depart in the morning once we have had a light meal.
In the morning safari game, you will go in search of elephants, buffaloes, lions and more.
We’ll be back in the afternoon for lunch with some delay.
In the afternoon, a boat safari will take place along the Kajinga passage, which leads to Lake George and Lake Edward.
In this safari, you will see a lot of hippos gathered to hydrate and bathe. In addition, crocodiles, elephants and several birds gather around the water.

<Optional Tours>

  • In search of lions
  • Cambra Valley Tour


Stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Let’s see the climbing lion in Ishasha
After breakfast at the hostel, we will head to Ishasha district in the south of Queen Elizabeth National Park and look for the famous climbing lion.
Leon hatchlings can climb trees, but usually a mature lion does so very rarely. However, the Ishasha Lions are an exception, as they grow and relax in the trees where the cool breeze blows.
After lunch at the hostel, we will follow Bwindi Wilderness National Park, a mountain gorilla habitat.
We’ll have dinner at the hostel.


Accommodation in Bwindi National Park.


In search of gorillas in Bwindi National Park
After breakfast early in the morning, we go to the national park.
Expedition in search of the endangered Bwindi gorilla.
Bwindi Wilderness National Park is a special place in Africa where both mountain gorillas and chimpanzees live and is a special place like no other in Africa. There are 5 other families of primates, 113 mammals, 200 butterflies and 360 birds. The gorillas we’ll be looking for are accustomed to people and are in contact with humans for several hours every day.
This gorilla is tracked for 2 to 7 hours at most, and if you can see where the gorilla is, you can observe it for 1 hour.

<Optional Tours>

  • Visit to the Batwa tribe
  • Walk through the village


Stay in Bwindi National Park.


To Entebbe International Airport
After breakfast at the hostel, we will leave for Kampala or Entebbe Airport. Along the way, you can take a break in places to take photos or go to souvenir shops.
* Accommodation is not included on this day. Depending on the flight time, we will prepare a hotel for use.
Once you have arrived at the airport, you will depart on the flight line.


Flight night

Available hotels

The Emin Pasha Hotel
The Emin Pasha Hotel

Fort Portal

Papaya Lake Lodge
Papaya Lake Lodge
Parque nacional Queen Elizabeth
Mweya Safari Lodge
Mweya Safari Lodge
Parque nacional Bwindi
Buhoma Lodge
Buhoma Lodge

Photo Gallery

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Tours price

8 days safari in Uganda’s wildlife

Land Cruiser

USDPlease contact us

<Included in the price>

  • Round-trip airport transportation
  • ground transport
  • Toyota 4WD to be used for safari
  • Accommodation and meals listed on the itinerary.
  • Chimpanzee tracking permit
  • Gorilla tracking permission
  • Tours and scheduled activities
  • Tickets and taxes in all parks.
  • Water during your stay
  • A guide in English

<Not included in the price>

  • International flights (taxes)
  • Visa
  • Drinks, room service, luggage, personal expenses, luggage insurance.
  • Gorilla Tracking Carrier * For those with heavy luggage such as backpacks
  • Phone charges, laundry, items not listed on schedule
  • Guide or escort of local escorts
  • Chip

※Standard tipping
Guide:USD20/ per day
Driver:USD10/ per day
Goalkeeper:USD1/Per Time

Place of departure Entebbe International Airport
Departure day Please contact us
Accommodation Kampala
The Emin Pasha Hotel
Fort Portal
Papaya Lake Lodge
Parque nacional reina Elizabeth
Mweya Safari Lodge
Parque Nacional de Bwindi
Buhoma Lodge
Tour operator
Minimum number of people per tour 2 people
Tour code UG001

Itinerary notes

Notas de itinerario de Uganda

  • Se requiere una visa para ingresar a Uganda.
  • Debido a que el seguimiento de gorilas es una actividad particularmente popular, los permisos pueden agotarse y se recomienda reservar con anticipación.
    Si no hay espacio para el seguimiento de gorilas, le propondremos otro recorrido opcional.

Registrarse sin falta antes del viaje!【Información útil sobre las giras por África】

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Tour options

Add options to the basic dates of your trip to make your trip more enjoyable.
If you would like to use this service, please let us know when requesting the tour.

City tourism of kampala

Kampala is the capital of Uganda that is historically and politically important. Visit the tombs where the kings of the Kingdom of Buganda are buried.(1 Hour)

Gourmet tour in Kampala

Kampala is a gourmet city. This tour serves regional Indian and Ugandan cuisine. Even if you don’t agree to walk around the city alone, you can be sure you’ll be with a guide who knows the local area like the back of your hand. (1 hour)

Tour in search of the chimpnest

Instead of the regular search for chimpanzees, you can switch to an expedition tour to see the chimpanzee’s nest. This tour lasts a full day, but the meeting rate is 100%. Please note that the number of visitors is limited to 6 people per day and must be booked in advance. You can also extend your stay before heading to Queen Elizabeth National Park and postpone your afternoon wetland walk the next morning. (1 hour)

Walk on Crater Lake

Visit Crater Lake, one of Uganda’s highlights, formed by ancient volcanic activity. The lake is close to Fort Portal and is a great place for hiking. Along the way, you will pass through the local villages and tea fields. The tranquil lakeside and backdrop offer beautiful views of the Delevenzoli Mountains. (1 hour)

Expedition in search of lions

This is a recommended tour for those who want to get up close and personal with wildlife. It is a study-type tour that can be enjoyed feeling like an animal researcher. Monitor lions living in the park, use machines to verify location information, learn what to do to call the nest, and conduct weather, environmental, and behavioral surveys. The results of the tour are added to the researchers’ database and are used as valuable information on wildlife ecology research. The lion’s encounter rate is 95
To reduce stress on animals, the number of visitors per day is limited. The experience tour lasts from one to three hours. Lions usually take place early in the morning or evening, or sometimes at night. Reservations are required in advance. In addition to lions, there are also separate routes of mongooses, hippos and birds. Please contact us. (1-3 hours)

Cambra Valley Tour

Visit the Cambra Valley in Queen Elizabeth National Park. There are 50% chance of finding chimpanzees, but walking through the valley, you can see baby chimpanzees, primate nests, baboons and velvet chimpanzees.

Visit to the Batwa tribe

On this tour, we will meet the Batwa tribe. They will show us his way of hunting, beekeeping techniques and herbal remedies, and his way of making bamboo glasses. Then the traditional music and dance that is transmitted within the Batwa Royal Family in the sacred Nagarama Cave.

Walk of the village

If you look towards the Bwindi forest in the hills, there is a fog near the summit. The scenery is very dramatic. You can enjoy one of Uganda’s unique landscapes. Along the way, go meet the traditional healers. We teach you the effect and use of various herbs.

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