If you are tired of giving the typical surprise gifts, here we bring you an idea that will never become a cliché: Planning a surprise trip.

Discover how to plan the holidays that will surprise anyone you give them to without dying trying.


-A good idea is always to have a buddy to help you in this part of organizing a surprise trip. A good friend or friend, a family member, a co-worker…

-Choose the dates well.

-As long as your surprise trip lasts more than a weekend and is going to extend over a few working days, you will need the help of another new buddy: your boss or boss or, instead, a coworker who can mediate for you . And it is that, most likely, when you give the surprise gift to that person, what worries him the most are those vacation days that he will have to request at work.

-Where will you take that person you want to surprise? The tastes of both the lucky person and the days you have for the getaway will greatly influence this issue, although some ideas to inspire you never hurt. Make sure you choose the destination with that person in mind.

-Have you already decided the destination to which you are going to give a surprise trip to that special person? Great! Now, all that remains is for you to manage some bureaucratic procedures that you may need and cannot escape. For example? The obligation to obtain a visa.

-Check that the documentation is in order.

-Find out what the weather will be at the destination.

-Invent an original way to surprise.