Kibo, also known as Uhuru Peak or Freedom Peak, is the main volcano of the Kilimanjaro volcanic massif located in northeastern Tanzania.

As a curious fact about this peak, we can mention that it is approximately 500,000 years old and is one of the three main craters that form Kilimanjaro; Shira was the first to appear about 2 million years ago, then Mawenzi would emerge a million years ago, and finally Kibo.

The lava expelled by Kibo filled part of the semi-ruined Shira caldera, forming what is now known as the Shira Plateau to the west, and giving rise to the plateau known as The Saddle to the east. Although it is believed that the last great eruption of this took place 360,000 years ago; even today it is considered a dormant volcano.

Its ascent does not present great technical difficulties, although a good physical shape and a correct acclimatization are required due to the physical effort required at high altitude.


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