Madagascar is the largest island in Africa, and this isolation endowed it with its greatest treasure, a unique fauna and flora in the world.

If this information has left you wanting to know more about this island, here we bring you more curiosities of Madagascar that may surprise you.


1- The name of the country is Malagasy, a word that comes from French taken from the term «malagasy». The official language of the country is also called Malagasy, although French is also used.


2- Madagascar is also known as the Great Red Island, due to the color of its soil.


3- Madagascar is one of the main rice producers in the world. In turn, one of the largest consumers. Virtually all meals have rice as a side.


4- In Madagascar there are about 100 species of lemurs, its best known animals. There are also other indigenous animals such as the day gecko, the radiated tortoise or the spider tortoise.


5- There are 3,000 species of butterflies endemic to Madagascar.


6- In Madagascar live almost 25 million people and its birth rate almost reaches 5 children per woman.


7- The term so common that we use «invite to dinner» they translate as «invite to eat rice.»


8- Malagasy women paint their faces in a striking way with crushed bark of trees not only to be more attractive, but also to protect themselves from the sun and insects.


9- The birth of twins was considered a bad omen, even abandoning the babies in the forest, today this practice is prohibited, although some tribes far from civilization continue to practice such a cruel tradition


10- A common «fady» is the recommendation not to point the finger at the ancestors’ graves. They can only be pointed with a fist or with an open palm.