Unfortunately, we have in our collective imagination a sad image of what this country is, which in a certain way has made our eyes dim; preventing us from seeing all that it can offer us.

So if you want to know that hidden and curious side of Ethiopia, this post is for you. Know these curiosities of Ethiopia before your trip:

1- An own calendar: One of the curiosities of Ethiopia is that they use their own calendar, based on the old Alexandrian calendar and start the year on September 11.

2 -An untamed region: Ethiopia is the only African country that has not been conquered.

3- Lalibela a holy city: The city is home to 12 incredible rock-carved cave churches. It is considered the second holy city of Ethiopia after Aksum.

4- Weddings are a procession of cars headed by a limousine. For their part, the burials and coffins used are very colorful. It is customary to hire mourners for ceremonies.

5- The hottest place on earth: It is located in Ethiopia, it is the Danakil desert. In this place temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius are reached.

6- Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia: Although many other countries take all the credits for coffee, such as Colombia or Vietnam, few know that their properties were discovered by shepherds in Ethiopia.