Today is the turn of a magnificent waterfall in Africa, the Kongou Falls.

It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Central Africa, at 2 to 3 miles wide, located in the Ivindo National Park in eastern Gabon, it is the 928 largest waterfall in the world.

Unlike other falls, Kongou Falls do not have a steep incline, so they look like water slides in the middle of a thick and almost impenetrable jungle. The falls can reach a height of about 56 meters.

The most interesting thing about this part of the Ivindo River is that it is part of a project created in 2002 to protect, among other things, this beautiful and biologically important center of fish biodiversity.

Nearby this wonder, jungle and waterfall camping, pirogue tours, and a long list of activities can be arranged, all at very sensible prices.