One of the biggest attractions when going on safari is to see the great predators of the savannah, so it is to be expected that when we go on safari we want to meet one of them and, the Kruger Park offers you the opportunity to live this pleasant experience .

Today we introduce you to the five biggest predators that you will find in Sabi Sand, one of the oldest private reserves in the Kruger National Park.


The wild dog

It is one of the most elusive animals in the savannah, living in herds that can exceed 30 members and is in serious danger of extinction: it is estimated that only 6,000 wild dogs remain, all of them distributed throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


The leopard

A solitary and elegant animal, the leopard is another of the great hunters of Africa. Its speed, sight and hearing mean that it can steal prey from other stronger predators such as lions and hyenas.


The lion

The king of the jungle is for several reasons. Its large size, its extraordinary claws and the characteristic mane of males have made it the protagonist of our fantasies related to Africa and its safaris.



Despite its reputation as a scavenger, the reality is that the hyena is much more than that. His organizational skills and powerful bite. In addition, it is common to hear his characteristic laughter in the distance at night.