This geological fracture sculpts impressive landscapes, and something similar is only found within the Kenyan borders.

Lake Naivasha, whose name means «rough waters» in the Maasai language, has an area of ​​about 140km2 fed by the Malewa and Gilgil rivers. It is a freshwater lake with much of it colored by many papyrus flowers and a large number of species of birds, large hippos and crocodiles.


To do?

In this paradise it is worth visiting and taking a boat ride on the lake and enjoying the beautiful environment of wildlife and scenery that surrounds it, since, obviously, the way to visit this place and discover its fauna is by boat ( although you can also walk around the island) and the water route lasts about 1 hour.

And as you explore Lake Naivasha, the speedboat approaches Crescent Island, where the movie Out of Africa was filmed.


If you really want to see hippos or you like ornithology, do not hesitate to visit this splendid lake and book your tour of this and other destinations in Kenya.