Libreville is the vibrant and muscular heart of Gabon, being the largest city in the country and home to a third of its population, it is located on the north coast of the Gabon estuary, which empties into the Gulf of Guinea.

It is a true multicultural province; its people are very welcoming and will show you the true aspects of the city, it is also a place watered by oil money: sidewalks, clean streets, modern restaurants and huge houses; traditional African peoples partially surround this community.

This city offers you the opportunity to visit paradisiacal beaches in Cap Esterias or the opportunity to learn about the culture of the region at El Center Culturel Français; It offers various cultural activities, as well as French courses and classes. It also has a cinema and hosts occasional exhibitions and concerts. Thus, the institute’s cultural center participates in the local cultural scene, by creating events with a national, regional or local purpose, depending on the projects, in addition, it participates in external events, as part of the promotion of culture and exchanges between France and Gabon.

The city center is ideal for shopping, Mbolo is the main shopping center, housing a Géant Casino and a large pharmacy, as well as other shops. In the same area is the Marché Artisanal, where Senegalese merchants sell African instruments, jewelery, clothes, paintings, etc … Here you can discover the authentic African side of Libreville.