Madagascar is the perfect destination for those who seek to delight in diverse and unique landscapes. And, although many want to know this part of Africa for its great biodiversity, with endemic animals such as lemurs or chameleons, they really know the entry requirements and tips for a pleasant and safe visit.

Let’s be more direct, do you know what are the requirements or precautions that you must know to visit this? If your answer is no, you don’t have to worry. From Only One we have created a list of super useful recommendations for you and your next destination; so take note.


Do I need a tourist visa to travel to Madagascar?

The answer is yes, you need it, but the good news is that you can get it at the Antananarivo airport, as soon as you land.

there are two ways to get it:

  • At the Madagascar consulate in your country of residence (if there is a consulate in that country). In the case of Spain, you can obtain it in person at the consulate in Barcelona.
  • The easiest way is to obtain it at the Antananarivo airport upon arrival. In 2017, this visa had a cost of 25 euros and is valid for 30 continuous days in the country.


Vaccines for Madagascar

One of the issues that you should not leave aside on your trip to Madagascar or any other destination, are the necessary or recommended vaccines.

The vaccines that are recommended in the international vaccination center, and are:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Yellow fever
  • Typhoid fever
  • Malaria prophylaxis


When to travel to Madagascar

When to travel to Madagascar? It is a good question. Well, it is something that you must take into account, since depending on the areas you want to visit in the country, you will have to plan according to the weather.

The dry season runs from April to October. And the rainy season from November to March. But, if you also want to avoid paying more expensive prices, you must take into account the seasons, high, low and medium.


Currency in Madagascar

The Malagasy Ariary is the official currency of Madagascar, and its value is quite low against the euro. 1 Euro is just over 4000 ariarys.


Travel insurance to Madagascar

In addition to going with all the vaccines mentioned in the previous section, we recommend traveling to Madagascar with travel insurance, since it is the best way to be calm for any eventuality that may occur in a country where there are many diseases and in which you will be in different ecosystems than in which there are endemic insects that can bite.


Some other extra recommendations:

  • Avoid raw foods, such as salads, to avoid gastroenteritis.
  • Always drink bottled water.
  • Always wear long-sleeved clothing on trips to the parks.
  • Use insect repellent.
  • Be careful in large towns, as there are pickpockets.
  • And when you arrive in the country, change money for every day that you are going to be on the island, since you will not find many places outside the capital to change. In our case, we change 300 euros per person for 15 days and we don’t spend it all.