The fourth largest island in the world. The Republic of Madagascar in the Western Indian Ocean. Over 90% of wildlife species have a unique ecosystem of endemic species. The baobab tree-lined avenue known for the mysterious baobab tree that appears in the prince of the stars, and the lemuriformes, the proto-monkeys that inhabit the island, are famous.


Many visitors to Madagascar aim for reptiles such as chameleons, which are endemic to the country, lemuriformes, berosifoka and baobau tree-lined paths. In addition, «Tsingy» in the World Heritage Bemaraha National Park, where sharp rocks line up and a unique landscape spreads out, is also popular. Due to its special terrain, Madagascar is free of large animals such as lions and elephants.

Flights from Japan are generally via Incheon, Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa connection and Paris. Based in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, we will tour tourist destinations by land or air.


Points for choosing a tour
One of the important things when scheduling is to know the distance to tourist destinations in Madagascar. Traveling around large islands can be time consuming and often bad, so make sure you have plenty of time to spare. Below are the highlights and distances of the main tourist destinations.

(Representative tourist destination)
① Antananarivo
The ruins of the royal palace of the Kingdom of Merina, the capital of Madagascar, a world cultural heritage site, «Ambohimanga Hill Royal Territory».

② Anti-labor
A hot spring resort with an altitude of 1,500 m. Since there is a distance from the capital to Morondava, we will stay overnight using Antilabe as a stopover.

③ Morondava
The baobab tree-lined road is famous. There are flights from the capital, but only a few times a week.

④ Kirindy Forest Reserve
You can visit it on a day trip during your stay in Morondava. Night walking is also possible if you stay at the lodge in the reserve.

⑤ Andasibe National Park (Perine Special Reserve)
The world’s largest lemur «Indri» is famous. The nearby Lemur Island, a privately owned sanctuary of Bakona, is a popular spot to interact with familiar lemurs.

⑥ Tsingy
Trekk in Bemaraha National Park and explore Tsingy like Hariyama. It can only be visited during the dry season from May to October.

⑦ Bekopaka
It will be a base for visiting Tsingy and will stay before and after sightseeing. Cross the two rivers by ferry.

⑧ Ankaninufi
A beautiful lakeside resort in eastern Madagascar. Aye-aye can be observed in the privately owned Palmarium Sanctuary.

Sky tours are recommended for those who have a limited number of travel days and are not good at traveling by car for long periods of time. Travel by land, land tours and world heritage trips if budget is important. If you can afford the days and budget, we recommend traveling to the unexplored Madagascar.

Time of travel
November-April is the rainy season and January-March is the hurricane season.
The dry season is from May to October. It’s a good time to spend the winter in Madagascar. Visit Tsingy at this time of year.