There are 42 ethnic groups in Kenya, and Swahili and English are spoken as official languages. It is also a multi-ethnic country with more than 60 ethnic languages ​​spoken among the ethnic groups. When it comes to Kenyan people, the «Maasai» is probably the most famous in Japan. It seems that it is often featured on TV such as «Masai jump» that jumps high vertically and the story of hunting lions.

The Masai are indigenous peoples from southern Kenya to northern Tanzania, and were originally nomads who lived while grazing livestock such as cattle, sheep and goats. However, many people are now moving to cities, living a normal life, settling in nature reserves and national parks, and earning a living from tourism and guides.

Take a tour of the Masai villages in Kenya and Tanzania to see the famous Masai jumps and discover their life and culture. The village visit takes about an hour, with a primitive fire starter demonstration and Masai women singing. In addition, you can observe the village in the house where you actually live and interact with children who play vigorously.

The brave appearance of the Masai, wearing a colorful cloth called Shuka and elaborate beaded ornaments, gives us a sense of the natural beauty and strength of human beings. The songs and jumps that make you feel the energy overflowing from your body are overwhelmingly powerful. Life is very simple, but there are many things that make me think of the richness of the heart and their relaxed facial expressions.

The Masai people are bright and friendly. He took the decorations on his ears and showed me a big hole. It’s okay to pull it! I pulled my ears and smiled with a playful side. It seems that young Maasai people these days are no longer piercing their ears or branding their faces. In the past, many Maasai children were not educated, but nowadays many children go to school because they realize the importance of education, and the traditional Maasai lifestyle is changing year by year.