Underground architecture has existed for several centuries and today we can observe it in a large number of communities around the world, particularly those located in very hot climates, such as Matmata.

Matmata and a handful of similar cities in Tunisia are situated on a sandstone surface, which is smooth enough to be excavated with hand tools, but also strong enough to endure homes for centuries.

The most curious thing is that they were hollowed out in the center to create a surprising patio, seen from the air Matmata is like a desert with holes that look like anthill; This was excellent for defending against enemies, this was because the rooms were not visible from the outside because they were ventilated through the central courtyard.

These houses are made up of different rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Even, there are still 50 families who reside in them to benefit from tourism! Today, many of these homes have electricity and improvements, although they try to keep them in their original condition. Thus, the families that live in them can charge an entrance to tourists for visiting them.

But, this city of troglodyte caves is also known for more things, including being one of the filming locations for Star Wars. Luke Skywalker’s home was actually an underground hotel in the city, called Sidi Driss.