The Meru National Park (in English: Meru National Park) is a protected area of ​​the African country of Kenya located east of Meru, 350 km from Nairobi. Covering an area of ​​870 km², it is one of the most famous and well-known parks in Kenya. It has abundant rainfall, 635-762 mm in the west of the park and 305-356 mm in the east.2 The precipitations translate into tall grass and lush swamps, which make it difficult to navigate.

The park has a wide range of wild animals, including the African elephant, lion, African leopard, cheetah, eastern black rhino, southern white rhino, Grévy’s zebra, hippopotamus.

Meru was one of two areas in which conservationists George Adamson and Joy Adamson raised Elsa the Lioness, made famous in the best-selling book and award-winning film Born Free. Elsa the Lioness is buried in this park and part of Joy’s ashes were scattered on her grave.

Between 2000 and 2005, the Kenya Wildlife Service, with the help of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), restored Meru National Park from near ruin to one of the most promising tourist destinations in East Africa, solving the problem of poaching in parks. IFAW donated $ 1.25 million to this major restoration project and with this money helped improve basic infrastructure and provided essential equipment and vehicles for law enforcement activities.

Since 2005, the protected area is considered part of a Lion Conservation Unit.