On this occasion, we will talk about the disasters that can (and should) be avoided when taking a trip.

And, we have chosen to delve into this topic because, even, that great ideal trip that you have dreamed of so much can turn into a disaster if you fall into one of the most common mistakes that travelers often make.

So pay attention to what we will mention below, so that you are attentive to what are those mistakes that can ruin your trip and how to avoid them.


Mistake # 1: Traveling without a good guide at hand

Always, always have a good guide to hand, either on paper or in digital format. It takes up little luggage and will give more opportunities to enjoy the trip, go to the fashionable places, not miss the most interesting of each place and get to know the destination better.

But, if you are not that type of traveler who launches himself into adventure, we also offer our tours guided by qualified professionals that will take you to know all those places that you have always dreamed of.


Mistake # 2: Not applying for a passport in good time

It is advisable to check in advance if the passport is in order or if it needs to be renewed (some countries require at least six months of remaining validity to enter). On the other hand, there are countries that require passports to have enough blank pages for visas.

So always be attentive to these details with the documentation, including the procedures carried out (and very necessary) of the visas that some countries require, for example from Africa.


Mistake # 3: packing everything up

It is advisable to make a list before leaving with the essentials and not to include in the suitcase anything that does not appear on the list. Unless you are traveling to a very remote place, you can always buy what you need at your destination and solve the unexpected.


Mistake # 4: Not checking where the hotel is

Sometimes what is saved at the hotel is later spent on transport. In addition, a well-located hotel will allow, for example, to stop during the visitation day and have a drink or rest.

A poorly chosen hotel can mean a significant waste of time and money, so to avoid this mistake, contact us and obtain all the information on our luxury hotels located in the best areas to visit your travel destinations.


Mistake # 5: Trying to do too many things in one trip

Do not be anxious: you get more out of knowing a destination in depth than trying to cover a lot. This is the only way to enjoy simple pleasures, such as people-watching, relaxing with a coffee in the open air, spending time trying gastronomy or practicing some original sport or activity.