This island is a famous world tourist destination, mainly because of its popularity as a quintessential place for honeymoon trips.

A tropical enclave offering kilometers of beaches bathed by crystal clear turquoise waters; and with an interior furrowed by fields of sugar cane, Hindu temples, tropical forests dotted by waterfalls; Today we want you to discover another side of this wonderful island through these 5 curiosities.


1- Although the official language of Mauritius is English, the population mostly speaks French and Creole, a mixture of French and other African languages.


2- Did you know that life expectancy in Mauritius is almost 74 years? It is the highest among countries considered developing.


3- 90% of the cultivable area are sugarcane fields: which places the production of this food and its derivatives at the forefront of importance with respect to the country’s economy.


4- The national animal of Mauritius is Dodo, which has already become extinct. The bird was brutally hunted by early settlers, as it provides good meat and was easy to hunt.


5- his leaf-shaped island is the most populated in Africa. It also ranks 17th among the most populous countries in the world.