If you decide to travel to Madagascar, adding Morondava to your Madagascar itinerary almost out of obligation.

It is a quiet and sunny city with a beautiful beach, swaying palm trees, cozy wooden houses, small shops and restaurants the gateway to the famous Madagascar Baobab avenue.

This city is surrounded on all sides by gigantic baobabs, of the Adansonia grandidieri variety, called Renala by the inhabitants of the region, it is endemic.

Exploring the region’s excellent nature reserves is definitely for the more adventurous traveler, while those seeking a relaxed beach break will find a variety of hotels and resorts. It is charming and interesting as it mixes a dynamic city center and peaceful countryside. Nature lovers will not be disappointed, as the region is known for its many forests (Andranomena, Analabe, Manamby, Kirindy) and its rich fauna and flora.

Morondavav is the starting point for many unavoidable tourist spots in Madagascar.


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