On the west coast of Madagascar, the city of Morondava is located, capital of the town of Sakalava del Menabe. It is famous for being only a few kilometers from one of the most visited places in the country, the Avenida del Baobab, although by itself it has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that is well worth a visit. It is a very quiet and small town that lives from fishing and tourism.

The landscape to the north and south of Morondava features remote beaches, deciduous forests, extensive deltas and waterways teeming with life.

To the south of the city, you can also visit the wonderful Nosy Kely peninsula, which has a mangrove area and another area dominated by the Mozambique Channel. During sunrise a magical show takes place: the dance of hundreds of canoes, dhows and schooners. In this area there are some resort-style hotels, with cabins on the sand facing the sea, being to the west, it allows you to enjoy the sunset every day, a free show that nature offers you.

Located about twenty kilometers from this town, the baobab trail is a must. A dozen trees over 30 meters high display all their majesty.